Will my Storage Shed be Safe during Stormy Weather? 5 Features you Didn’t Know you Needed


April showers bring May flowers. Unfortunately, severe storms can also bring destruction and difficulty. Can your shed stand up to high winds and torrential rain showers?

When searching for a portable warehouse, it’s important to plan ahead. You should be aware of how each building is equipped to handle various weather conditions. At this time of year, your biggest concern is probably the potential of damaging storms.

Here are a few important features to look for in your next storage building:

  •          Vented Ridge Roofing

Humidity and condensation can damage your belongings during the warmer months. When storage units become hot during the day and temperatures drop quickly at night, water droplets are likely to form and collect within your building.

Some shed builders try to account for this by designing their units with dryer vents. While dryer vents may protect against condensation, they also allow rain water to blow inside your building.

The solution? Cook portable sheds are constructed with a vented ridge roofing system. This ridge vent promotes airflow within the building to eliminate condensation while still keeping your possessions safe from blowing rain water.

  •          Drip Edge

People often underestimate the significance of a drip edge. Having a vinyl drip edge will promote the siphoning of water along your shingles’ edges. This ultimately helps prevent water damage to your shed’s roof decking.

  •          Roofing System with Warranty

Whether your portable shed has a shingled or metal roof system, it’s important that this system come with some sort of warranty. The roof is clearly a key factor in the protection of your building’s contents.

At Cook Portable Warehouses, our grade “A,” fiberglass shingles come with a 20- or 25-year manufacturer’s limited warranty. Likewise, our metal roofing systems are constructed from 29-guage steel and carry a 40-year manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty on the paint.

  •          Storm Chains

Several shed builders will overlook this key feature. Adding storm chains to your shed will prevent damage to your doors and building caused by high winds.

  •          Pressure Treated Lumber

Keep your shed safe from the elements with the help of pressure treated lumber. The floor systems in all Cook buildings are constructed from 40% pressure treated lumber (rated for direct ground contact). This allows us to extend a lifetime warranty against decay and termite damage on every building we produce.

In the end, these factors may just seem like minor details, but it’s the details that matter. These building features will help save you money and headache in the years to come. Learn more about the features that set Cook apart from the crowd!

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