Yard Work Safety [Checklist]

It’s time to get out the lawn mower, tiller and hedge trimmers to prepare your landscape for a season of flowers, home grown vegetables and a beautiful green lawn.

But, as you get your supplies out of your Cook shed, take precautions to keep you and your family safe.

No matter how small a project you’re working on, there are many hazards. Whether you’re working with machinery, digging with a shovel or just mowing the yard, landscaping is not a hazard free activity.

To keep everyone safe, know the potential yard work hazards, and remember these Spring yard work safety tips.

Yard Work Safety [Checklist] + Cook Portable Warehouses

1. Wear the appropriate gear 

Take a serious look at your wardrobe before you step outside. Remember not to wear loose fitting clothing as this could get caught in machinery.

Also, sunglasses will not cut it. Protective goggles need to be a part of your ensemble. Also, don’t discount a hat to protect from sun rays and long sleeves and pants to help protect from flying debris.

The wrong shoes can increase your risk of injury, so flip flops should never be an option. You want something that will completely cover your feet and ideally has slip-resistant rubber soles.


2. Take extra precaution with the kids

When you’re working with machinery, it can be hard to see or hear your kids coming up behind you. Be sure someone is watching them inside, away from the mower or flying debris.

Talk with them at an early age about why they need to be careful when you are working outside. Let them know what they should do and exactly how they should get your attention if they need to, to ensure your safety and theirs.


3. Use caution with electricity

Working with any type of electrical equipment can pose a hazard. Each time you use machinery, inspect it and the entire wire before you plug it in.

Electrical shock can be a hazard while working on your landscaping. Do not use it in a damp environment and make sure you are using the correct extension cord for the type of machinery you are working with. If your cord is damaged, or is not rated for outdoor use, do not use it.

Also, you may not be working with electrical equipment at all, but remember to be aware of your power lines. If you’re working on cutting branches in a tree, be sure to look up and all around to ensure there are no electrical lines running through a tree.

If you decide to till up a garden or plant a tree, call your utility office first to ensure you aren’t digging where an underground wire exists. Hitting an underground wire could be deadly.


4. Take care of your health

As you begin your yard work, be sure to take precautions and stay aware of your own health.

First, survey your area; walk the property before you begin to work to rid your yard of any obstacles or hazards.

With yard work there is usually a lot of lifting, so be sure to use your legs and don’t pick up anything that could strain your back.  Ask a neighbor or friend for help if you know you’ll be doing a lot of heavy lifting.

Also, stay hydrated! Heat stroke is not something to take lightly. Know the signs and to help prevent it: wear a hat and sunscreen, avoid beverages like alcohol or sodas and take plenty of breaks in a cool spot.  

When the yard work is done, you can relax and enjoy your outdoor space. But, don’t over-do it!

Remember to keep these landscaping safety tips in mind every time you work outdoors. Learn about more precautions you should take here.

Cook Portable Warehouses wants you to stay safe as you work and play outdoors! If you’re looking for some fresh inspiration for your landscaping around your shed, download your free guide below.


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