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    Cook Sheds in Spinghill, FL

    Jerry Evans talks to you like a friend when you tour Cook sheds in Spring Hill, FL. He owns Golden Arrow Enterprises and has been selling portable buildings for more than 18 years.

    As soon as you enter his lot, he’s out the door and helping you find the right building to fit your needs. Even at 81, he says retirement is not for him. “I don’t take off, I don’t fish, I don’t play golf, I sell sheds and I love it. I love to talk to people,” Evans said.

    He knows that each client is different, so he tries to get to know them so he can help them find exactly what they need. “I always ask them what they plan to put in their shed. Once I know the answer I can guide them to the best fit,” Evans said.

    He recently had customer purchase a shed as a pidgeon home and another customer bought a 12×32 utility to use at a local kennel. “You never know what’s down the road,” he said, explaining once he had someone come with their interpreter to purchase a shed. “Every deal is different, that’s what makes it exciting,” Evans explained.

    With 50 portable buildings to choose from on his shed lot in florida, he has a wide selection for customers to tour that fit a variety of needs. With no basements in Florida, Evans said most people need these sheds for simple storage reasons and so his most popular is the Utility Shed.

    What does he stress to his Spring Hill shed customers?

    He always stresses Cook warranties and the rent to own program. “You don’t have to shell out a lot of cash, no penalty if you pay it off early and after 48 months you own it, it’s yours,” he said.

    How did Evans start out with Cook sheds?

    “I started with just three buildings, the next week I needed three again and the next week I needed four more,” Evans said. He had retired previously, but then decided that wasn’t for him and so moved back to Florida. Golden Arrow Enterprises is open 7 days a week and Evans will always treat you honestly, like a friend.

    He said, “When you like what you’re doing, you don’t have a job.”