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Cook sheds can become a tiny home, spare bedroom, garden shed or a place to store your extra stuff.  If you’re searching for a shed in Muskogee, OK, then stop by Cook Portable Warehouses.  

Dionna Chao, Cook dealer in Muskogee, says many of her customers have been renting storage units for more than 10 years. When, with a Cook portable shed, they could be owning their storage space. Dionna always shows her customers the rent-to-own program from Cook and the benefits of choosing this option.  

Dionna was first introduced to Cook when she was helping her dad search for a portable building. She looked at all the different options, but found Cook to be superior in quality. That’s what made it an easy transition from just buying a shed, to selling them!

“I know these buildings, so I can tell all about the great features, warranties and show them the right building,” Dionna says.

The great thing about these sheds is their versatility.  “You can make it just a social shed, add a TV, seating area…add some extra windows, decorate it how you like and create what you want it to be,” she says.  

“First you add the insulation, electricity and plumbing, then you get to start doing the fun part,” Dionna says. The way she really knows these sheds are built to last is that contractors have stopped by, inspected them and then made a purchase. “Before I’m able to explain the features, they’re pointing them out as they inspect them.”

Why does Dionna think this is a smart purchase for her customers? “You don’t need a foundation, it’s free delivery, I mean it’s really worth it,” she says. The most popular sheds near Muskogee are the larger buildings, such as the Handyman, Garage, or Utility sheds.  Her personal favorite shed though is the Lofted Barn.  

Who is your Muskogee, OK shed dealer?

Dionna loves to garden now, though when she first started it surprised her that she enjoyed it so much! She grows plants inside and outside and loves learning new ways to garden, her next endeavor is going to be aquaponics.

So if you’re looking for shed in Muskogee, Oklahoma, stop by and see all of your Cook shed options!

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