10 Common Things to Store in a Portable Building



You’ve said it a million times. “I’m so tired of all this mess. I just wish I had more space.” You go about your day, trying to put this thought out of your mind. That method may work for now, but this will be a recurring situation until you do something about it.

Sure, you’ve thought about getting a backyard shed, but do you really need it? You have a lot of excess stuff, but how could you possibly fill an entire storage building? Believe us; it’s easier than it looks!

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: the number one comment we hear from customers is, “I love my shed; I just wish I’d gotten a bigger one!” People have no problem filling up their portable buildings, and neither will you. When you begin piling stuff in your building, you’ll be amazed by all of the extra stuff you start to find!

Just in case you’re still having trouble thinking of what to store in a portable building, we have some suggestions:

  1. Sports Equipment

Recreational equipment tends to get dirty. You don’t want to leave it out in the yard, but you also don’t want to carry it inside. Keep your golf clubs, snowboards, and all the kids’ sports equipment in a backyard shed.
Store Sports Equipment in your Cook shed


  1. Vehicles
    Cars, trucks, boats, lawnmowers, bicycles, and ATVs all have a home within a portable shed!

Store Vehicles in your Cook shed


  1. Gardening Supplies

Have a green thumb? Store all of your gardening materials, along with anything you harvest, in one easy-to-access location. Here are some easy tips for organizing all of your gardening supplies in your Cook shed. You can even purchase a beautiful Cook Garden Shed. Take a look inside one! 
Store Gardening Supplies in Cook Sheds


  1. Furniture

Maybe you’re in the process of moving or just aren’t ready to get rid of that old furniture you’ve replaced. A portable building can hold these items in the meantime. For tips on storing furniture the right way, read more here! 

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  1. Pool/Hot Tub Supplies

Anyone who’s ever owned a pool or hot tub can tell you that maintenance involves more than just a water hose. Expensive pumps, tarp coverings, skimmer nets, and all kinds of chemicals – these are just a few of the tools required for proper upkeep. Store them safely in your Cook shed, or take it a step further and consider turning your shed into a Pool House! 

Store Pool supplies in your Cook shed


  1. Excess Clothes

So many seasons, so many outfits, and so little storage! Alternate your wardrobe for the upcoming season by keeping excess clothing stored neatly in a portable shed. Here are a few tips on properly storing clothes in-between seasons. 


  1. Office Supplies

Do you work from home or own your own business? Click here to learn more about how a backyard shed can keep you organized!


  1. Holiday Decorations

Some of us go all out with our holiday decorating. This can become an issue when the holidays pass and it’s time to put those decorations away. We recommend storing items in color-coded plastic containers based on holiday. For instance, orange is for Halloween, green is for Thanksgiving, and red is for Christmas. This will make it that much easier when it’s time to decorate next year! Download our Holiday Decorations Checklist below for more great ideas. 


  1. Collectibles and Family Memories

Keep old baseball cards, model cars, family photo albums, and kids’ artwork safely stored in a portable building. You may need to think about climate control measures for items like this. 

Store collectibles and family memories in your portable shed


   10. Yard Sale Items

Throughout the year, you’ve been finding forgotten items here and there. You might have thought to yourself, “Oh, I can sell this in a yard sell when spring comes around!” Anytime you come across this stuff, put it in a labeled box and place it in the shed. When yard sale season gets here, you’ll be that much closer to making some extra cash!

Want some help having a great yard sale? Read more here!  

Store Yard Sale Items in a Cook Shed

Each of our portable building styles comes in a variety of sizes. Choose the one that’s best for you by learning more about our portable building options.