10 Tips to Have the Best Yard Sale Part 2


In our last post, we talked about some helpful tips to ensure your yard/garage sale is productive by helping you pare down the clutter and make more usable space inside your home, garage or storage shed.

But we aren’t done yet, here are 5 more great tips so your yard sale is successful and worth the effort! If you are looking for even more advice about preparing for a yard sale, read this post!

Stage the area

It’s important to set-up your yard so it’s easy for shoppers to find what they are looking for. Start by grouping similar items together (clothes, shoes, home decor, furniture, pots/pans, etc.). Then, hang up all clothes or fold them so people can easily see their condition.

Also, don’t put things on the ground if you have space on tables, racks or shelves. You want items to be at eye level for the customer. Make it easy for people to browse around the tables and don’t cram too much stuff into one spot.

Put the good stuff in front

Oftentimes those yard sell shopping pros will drive by a sale before deciding whether to stop. So place those high-ticket items like nice furniture pieces, electronics, etc. where people can see them. This shows your potential customers that your sale is worth stopping at.

Try to sell anything and everything

A lot of the stuff you might consider trash; others see as treasure or the perfect thing to complete a repurposing project. So put everything out and you could be surprised by what sells.

Old tools are always a big seller at yard sales but don’t forget to also put out extra screws, nails, etc! Even old bricks, cement blocks, scrap wood or leftover gardening supplies could make you some money.

Recruit helpers

Hosting a yard sale isn’t easy and is something that requires a lot of hard work. One way to simplify the process is to get help from others. Recruit family members, neighbors or friends to join you. They csan bring their own items, plus, help you set-up, run errands or haggle with customers. Remember to provide breakfast, lunch or coffee to show your appreciation for their help!

Forget all your expectations

You might go into your sale thinking you know what the popular items will be, but it’s difficult to predict demand. It’s all about who drives by.

So if you have a lot of high priced items left over, think about having another sale the following weekend. Or if you don’t have much left after your sale, donate the remaining items to charity.

A couple extra tips are to have lots of cash (in different bills and coins) on hand to make change when needed and to see if your kids want to sell lemonade, water or baked treats to customers.

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