3 Helpful Storage Solutions for Small Businesses


Are you self-employed, working various jobs here and there? Maybe you work from home or own a small business with a few employees. Whatever your situation, storage is bound to become an issue. Here are a few ways that a portable shed could help!

  1. Equipment Storage

All jobs require some sort of special equipment. For you, that could mean a large collection of paperwork or an assortment of landscaping materials. Either way, you can protect your tools of the trade with the right storage shed.

  1. Backyard Home Office

Working from home isn’t always easy. With all of the daily distractions, you may find that having an office within your house just isn’t practical.Separate your home life from your work life with help from a backyard building. Make your shed into the perfect office setting by following these tips!

  1. New Business Locations

Your small business is up and running, but you’d like to expand your reach and hopefully gain more customers. Portable sheds can make it easy to open up new locations for your growing business.

How can you be sure that Cook Portable Warehouses is the right choice for your storage needs?  All of our sheds are constructed with the finest materials and special features. You can rest assured, knowing that your possessions will be protected for years to come. We even have a lifetime warranty to prove it!