3 Ideas to Get your Cook Shed Back to School Ready

Summer is winding down and that means the fun of vacations, sunny days spent outdoors with family and friends, and relaxing afternoons by the pool, are quickly coming to an end.

Now your thoughts are turning back to school and preparations for kids getting back into the groove. Amid school supply shopping and finishing up summer reading lists, the end of summer can be a stressful time.

Have you thought of turning your Cook shed into an ideal space for the student(s) in your home? Your Cook Portable Warehouse is multi-purpose and multi-functional and can become anything your family needs. To get all the answers to your questions about Cook portable buildings, visit this page!

Enjoy the last weeks of summer by doing these six fun activities with your kids right in your backyard! And use these three ideas to convert your Cook building into the ideal back to school space for your kids!


Study spaceStudy Space in Shed + Cook Portable Warehouses

It’s always a good idea to have a separate space away from the activity and noise inside your home that is reserved just for studying and doing homework. Make your Cook warehouse a comfortable place for kids to catch up on their schoolwork.

Add a desk, lamp, writing supplies, paper, books, calculator, and anything else your kids need to stay focused.






Shed Library + Cook Portable WarehousesReading room or library

For many booklovers, finding a quiet place to read is always a challenge in today’s busy and loud world. Your backyard shed is the perfect place to read, either to keep up with schoolwork or just enjoy your newest favorite fiction or nonfiction book.

Add a comfortable chair, futon, or even a hammock with some colorful pillows and get ready to enjoy some peaceful reading time. Or add a few shelves and convert your building into your very own library.



Art studioArt Studio in Shed + Cook Portable Warehouses

If your kids have an artistic side, what about turning your portable warehouse into their personal art studio? The outdoors is a great way to get inspired by the nature that surrounds them.

Hit the local art store and stock up on supplies like paint, paintbrushes, canvases, colored pencils, and more. You don’t even have to worry about decorating the walls; you can just use their artistic creations.

You can also turn one of our larger Cook buildings like the Lofted Garage or the Lofted Barn into a homeschool space. Our different size buildings allow for kids to learn in a comfortable and efficient home school location.


Your Cook Portable Warehouse not only can become the ideal bonus room for your student. It can be the place to store all the stuff that kids from preschool through college age need to ace their studies.

Whether your kids have tons of extracurricular activities or your college student brought home their entire dorm room, you will need room for their stuff. Learn more about getting your shed back to school ready with our free download!