3 Reasons to Buy a Tool Shed


When your storage space has been overtaken – an extra car parked in the garage, workbenches taken over by bags of winter clothes, and shelves filled with halfway finished projects – you need a Plan B: introducing the Cook Tool Shed.

Ready to regain control of your storage and work space? See why the Cook Tool Shed could be a great fit for your needs.

Built like a tank

Heavy-duty flooring gives a tool shed more utility for its use. If you need a space for your tools, shelving, loose furniture or gardening equipment, Cook builds all of our sheds to hold and to keep on holding. Besides, if they don’t hold, our Lifetime Warranty covers treated components for termites and fungal decay!

We also add a durable aluminum plate to the threshold of every Cook building for added protection against daily wear and tear. Learn more about how our sheds are built here.

Inside a Tool Shed

Low visible impact

Don’t want a storage shed sticking over your privacy fence like a sore thumb? No problem.

Our 6’3” sidewalls allow our sheds to make a low impact on your property’s overall look. Plus, each shed comes with customizable options to turn a simple storage unit into a backyard centerpiece. Picture it: beautiful windows showing off your tool or gardening collection. Shutters frame each side. Six different color options to match any home. Plus, we have flower boxes to help your shed blend into the landscape.

Fits a small backyard

Some of our options are big enough to accommodate cars, small workshops, or office spaces. If your needs are a little more small-scale, again, no problem.

Our Tool sheds come in an 8’ wide option and a 10’ wide option, specifically for homeowners with less property or storage space. Here are some great tips for maximizing that space to fit all of your tools or boxes.

If you think a Tool Shed will fit your storage needs, click below and begin building your portable building today. Still looking? See all of our shed options here!