3 Simple Tips for Thanksgiving Entertaining in Small Spaces

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest entertaining holidays of the season. Hosting family and friends can be a lot of fun and is a great opportunity to show off your cooking skills and spend time giving thanks together.

Thanksgiving is one of the most stressful holidays. But, if you have a small home or apartment or even a Tiny Home, you can still throw a great holiday celebration.

Important things to consider include whether your guests will feel cramped or comfortable and if you have enough table and floor space for all your guests.

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Give thanks for all the great things in your life with your loved ones by using these tips to make the most of your entertaining space this Thanksgiving! For more Turkey Day entertaining tips, read this post!

Simple Tips for Thanksgiving Entertaining in Small Spaces + Cook Portable Warehouses

Optimize the space you have

It’s important to utilize the space you have in the best way possible. The first step is considering the current layout of furniture and moving items around to declutter the space and make sure guests are as comfortable as possible.

Move any small unneeded pieces of furniture like small tables, bookshelves, etc. into the bedroom to create a better flow in the living and dining rooms.

Move seats around to create a seating area for guests to chat and watch football. It’s also a good idea to create several small staging areas with prepared drinks and appetizers to keep people from hanging out in the kitchen.

Use simple, festive decorations

If space is limited around your home or apartment, it might not make sense to include a large, lavish Thanksgiving centerpiece. Your decor can still make an impact by being classy and elegant without those large, statement items.

Use items like taper or tea candles, string lights or paper lanterns to add some ambiance to the vertical space. Or, add small touches like flower arrangements on shelves and windowsills. Use light colors for tablecloths, napkins and placemats to make the space feel bigger.

Create the ideal serving and seating area

If you don’t have a table large enough for all your guests, get creative with seating options like a kids table. Borrow small tables or card tables to accommodate everyone. Adding folding chairs around can create a more intimate setting. Think about various seating options like benches, and ottomans.

Along with additional seating also consider creative ways to serve your delicious spread of food. Use room on a build-in kitchen bar or island and have guests serve themselves. Or repurpose a longer stand, table, or dresser with a tablecloth to make it the ideal serving space.

Put smaller items like utensils, napkins and extra plates on smaller tables to keep the flow going and ensure every guest is able to get their meal quickly and efficiently.

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