3 Tips for Eliminating Kitchen Clutter


A good portion of our time at home is spent in the kitchen. For many families, this room becomes a main conversation area. It is here that we laugh together, catch up on the day’s events, and discuss future plans. With so much happening, it’s no wonder that clutter tends to build up in this space. Make sure your kitchen is clean and clutter-free with these 3 helpful tips!

  1. Remove the Excess

Begin by purging all of your unused items. This will probably include expired food and any small, duplicate appliances you may have. For instance, ask yourself if you really need 2 blenders, 2 slow cookers, and 3 toasters. Even if the answer is “no,” it doesn’t mean you have to get rid of these items completely. Stash away the excess in a storage shed. It’ll always be there if you need it again.

  1. Only Display What You Use

Kitchen counter space can be invaluable, so make sure you’re not filling this area with rarely used tools and trinkets. For example, if you only use your toaster a few times per month, consider placing it in an easy-to-access kitchen cabinet.

  1. Only Store What You Eat

Within your kitchen, you should only store the food you like and know you’ll actually eat. How often has this happened to you? You’re hungry, so you go to the kitchen on a mission. You check every cabinet only to come up at a loss. “There’s nothing to eat here!” 

In reality, there are several choices in your cabinets, but it’s nothing you want to eat. Chances are that some of this food has been there for months, possibly years. Get rid of that stuff, and free up some extra space!

For advice on clearing up an overcrowded pantry, check out this post! Then, begin working to improve these areas of your own home. If you find that you simply need additional space, contact a Cook Portable Warehouses dealer by clicking below!  You’ll be personally contacted with information about sheds and offers specific to your area.