3 Tips to Make your Springtime BBQ Unforgettable

May means those chilly winter temperatures are finally gone and spring is in high gear. With Memorial Day coming up, it’s the perfect time to think about your family’s first barbeque.

Gather family and friends over for some delicious food, fun festivities and to enjoy the great weather outside. Your Cook Portable Warehouse is the perfect staging area for all your outdoor entertaining needs.

With the additional storage space available in your Cook shed, you don’t have to worry about all your party supplies cluttering up your home.

Or consider utilizing your Cook portable building as part of your outdoor entertaining area. It can function as extra space, a shaded area for guests who need to cool down or even convert it into a Pub Shed, to create the best neighborhood bar right in your backyard!

Here are a few other ideas to make your shed into the ultimate entertainment destination.  And, as you pull out the grill, remember these 3 barbecue tips to make your springtime BBQ the best on the block!Tips to Make Your Springtime BBQ Unforgettable

Pick a unique theme

Select a fun theme for your barbeque that reflects your unique interests or area of the country. Once you have the theme, you can make all the other decisions about the menu and decor.

Select things like tablecloths, napkins, serving dishes, glasses, centerpieces and lighting to reflect your theme. For example, you could choose tiki candles or twinkle lights or lanterns to add a completely different ambiance to your backyard.


Get your grill ready

Other than time spent with loved ones, everyone’s favorite part of any barbeque is of course the food. And after a winter spent in storage, your grill most likely needs a little extra attention.

First, give your grill a good cleaning from top to bottom. Oil the grates by scrubbing the top with a grill brush and then brush the top with vegetable oil. Save time by prepping food, marinating meat, chopping vegetables, etc. the night before.

Then, after you are done cooking, clean the grill, so it’s ready to go next time (which hopefully is sooner rather than later)!

For more tips on getting your grill ready for summer fun, read here! 


Plan the menu

To continue the theme of food, it’s important to plan the menu beforehand. First, consider the number of guests, how many courses and your theme. If you are planning to have burgers or hot dogs, remember to stock up on all the necessary toppings too.

Other items to remember when menu planning- always provide a vegetarian meal option and try to offer some items on the healthier side like salad or grilled vegetables. Don’t forget about appetizers, desserts and a variety of beverage choices like water, iced tea and soda. It’s also a fun idea to pick a signature drink that reflects your party’s theme.

Choose side dishes of in season fruits and vegetables for optimal freshness. For a complete list of everything that is in season across the country, read this!


One last tip- Don’t forget to plan some entertaining options for your guests. Choose games like badminton, trivia and horseshoes. If you’ll have a large group of kids, think about creating an obstacle course for them! And of course, don’t forget about selecting a great playlist!

Learn what past Cook customers have to say about our products, delivery process and customer service. For more tips hosting the perfect grill out on the block, download our free guide!  It has a menu, music playlist and more! 


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