4 Reasons to Turn Your Shed Into A Guest House

Portable warehouses are generally used to solve storage issues. But, don’t discount its other uses, like a guest house.

Whether they are expected guests or not, having extra people in the home can add tension to your household. And no one wants to experience that or be the root cause of it.  

So, for your family and your guests’ sake, you may want to reconsider the purpose for your Cook portable shed.

Here are 4 reasons to turn your shed into a guest house.4 Reasons to Turn Your Shed Into a Guest House + Cook Portable Warehouses

It adds privacy.

Whether your in-laws are coming to town or you have friends of friends (aka strangers) staying with you, you’ll be glad for this added privacy. You may feel a little guilty for banishing them to the shed…but if done well, they’ll be excited about the option! 

Your guests will feel like royalty having their own small home away from home.

This will help free you up from having to entertain late into the evening or running into them in the hallway during the night. You’ll both have your own space, while still getting to enjoy one another’s company during the day.

It provides a simpler transition for kicking kids out of the house. 

This could start young as they have friends over for sleepovers. They don’t want to camp in the backyard? Then let them stay in the guest house! You can keep a close eye on them, without them destroying every room in your home.

Then, as they go off to college and their room is repurposed as your gym or craft room, they’ll still have a place to call home… it will just be a few feet away from the main house now. So, during school breaks or weekends, just imagine not having to ask them to turn down the music or movie when you’re ready to go to bed!  They’ll gain a little more independence while still enjoying the comforts of home.

It gives aging parents independence AND assistance.

No one wants to give up their independence, but for some, the time comes when parents need to turn to their children for help. Having a guest house for them, or a Granny Pod, will allow them to keep their independence while also getting the assistance they need.

This, again, allows you both to have the privacy you’ve become accustomed to, while still being able to easily check on each other regularly.   

It allows everyone to enjoy their visit!

When everyone is crammed in the house and privacy is a fantasy, enjoying the visit can be difficult. We’ve all been on a trip where you had free lodging with friends or family, but you were more than ready to leave when the time came. With guests staying in their own space, you can both part ways already missing one another and looking forward to the next visit. 

Don’t miss the benefits of creating a guest house from a Cook shed! You can create a perfect space for your guests, without the cost and hassle of building onto your home. If you’ve decided to create your own guest house, read how to get started here.

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