4 Steps to Convert your Cook Building into a Pub Shed

Four_Steps_Convert _Cook_Building_into_Pub_Shed-Cook_Portable_Warehouses

So we have talked about creative ways to use your Cook shed as more than just a place to store all your stuff with She Sheds and Shedquarters. But there is another popular shed trend we haven’t talked about yet: the Pub Shed.

The Pub Shed is meant to be your very own mini-bar or pub right in your backyard. What could be better after a long day at work!

Just like with any other personalization of your shed, it can be on a small or large scale and tailored exactly to your specifications.

Check out all these great Pub Sheds on Pinterest. And here is how you make your very own Pub Shed!

Step 1: Get a shed

This is of course the obvious first step, so if you already have a Cook shed then skip ahead! If you don’t, what are you waiting for? Our sheds are durable, dependable, movable and can be paid off monthly with a low deposit. Read this post for more on which of our 6 unique building styles is right for you!

Just make sure you choose a building with enough space for everything you want to put in your Pub Shed including a bar, other furniture, bartender and guests.

Step 2: Get a bar

After you have your Cook shed, the next step is to decide what bar would be a good fit and either buy it or build it. If you want to keep it simple, you can just purchase a basic table and then paint it. Or if you are handy (or know someone who is) with building projects, get some basic or scrap wood and build your own.

Don’t forget the bar stools. Decide on a number according on how many people can sit comfortably behind the bar and get a chair for the bartender too. You can buy cheap ones from IKEA or check garage sales and thrift stores. You can always paint and reupholster if you don’t like the look.

Step 3: Stock the bar

So of course a key step is stocking your bar with your favorite beers, wines, spirits and snacks. To keep it simple get a large cooler, mini-fridge or kegerator to keep things cool. Get all your favorites but also check with friends and family for the things they want to drink.

Also, have some chips, peanuts and other snack foods too. Or invest in a mini-fryer to make hot snacks quickly.

Step 4: Get the extras

One thing every Pub Shed must have is lighting and string lights are an easy way to light your space. These are all up to the owner but require minimal expense and could help take your Pub Shed to the next level.

  • Glassware– Thrift stores are get places to pick up unique, one-of-a-kind glassware or check in your own kitchen for items that never see outside the back of your cabinet. Don’t forget coasters to put those glasses on!
  • Retro beer signs, neon signs and clock– Add some pizzazz to the walls of your Pub Shed with unique signage, clock or other wall decor to show off the theme of your place. A mounted bottle opener is another great investment!
  • Dartboard and other games- A great way to keep the enjoyable times going in your Pub Shed is with some fun games. So invest in a dartboard, some playing cards and even some old school board games.
  • Television and music system- These might be more difficult to get hooked up (you will need an electrician and to call your cable provider) but it will be nice to watch the big game or listen to some tunes in your Pub Shed.

And don’t forget to give your Pub Shed a great, personal name. Here are some fun examples! For more on buying a Cook shed, download our buying worksheet below!