4 Tips to Clean Out your Closet this Spring


Finally the days of sweaters, heavy coats, gloves and hats have been replaced by sundresses, shorts and sunscreen. We all want to get out to the stores and stock up on new spring and summer outfits but there is one big problem- your already overstuffed closet.

Spring is the perfect time to do a complete closet overhaul to purge those items you don’t need anymore and make some much needed room for new springtime pieces. 

Another helpful idea, especially for small closets, is to change out your wardrobe seasonally. Then, you can store those off-season clothes and accessories that you still use, right in your backyard with a Cook Portable Warehouse.

Here are 4 useful tips to clean out your closets and help declutter your home and life with the bonus of having more space for new stuff!

Don’t give it too much thought

It’s important to do a complete job and get rid of those pieces hanging in your closet, in drawers or bins that you really don’t need and wear. This is the perfect time to really think about how much stuff you actually have cramped in your closet.

So don’t overthink the purging process and don’t talk yourself into keeping things. If you wonder why you have never worn a piece in the past, you most likely won’t wear it in the future. Honestly answer the question: Will I ever wear this? If you are thinking about it at all, get rid of it, unless that item has real sentimental value.

Prioritize what you have

After you group like items together, divide and conquer what you have. Organize things into keep, store, donate and toss. If you plan to store your winter clothes elsewhere (like in a secure Cook building), remember to keep staples like jacket and a couple sweaters (just not 10!), just in case.

This complete purge will help you see what your wardrobe is missing for warm weather clothing and what you already have too many of! Although, everyone gets attached to certain pieces of clothing, remember it will go to someone else who needs it!

Invest in organization

There are tons of supplies that can make your tiny closet look much bigger! Invest in high quality organization items like slim hangers, shoe compartments and clothing hampers to make the most of your space!

Remember the golden rule

The golden rule of closet organization is the one year rule. If you haven’t worn an item in more than a year (or it still has the tags on) it’s time to let go. Maybe your style has changed, you outgrew it or it just never fit right, so don’t keep holding on. There are exceptions to this rule like those staples that you wear once in a blue moon, like the little black dress.

Recycle those items with rips and stains, donate used items to Goodwill, The Salvation Army or Dress for Success and sell those gently used or new designer pieces online.

For more tips of how to free up space by switching out your wardrobe seasonally, read this post! And for more on the benefits of having a Cook portable storage building right in your backyard, click below to see the Cook Difference.