What’s In Your Shed? A Year-Round Checklist

Maximizing space is a necessity whether you have a small or large home. Everyone has their own interests and space needs and at times it can feel a little too crowded. So, we’ve compiled a few tips and checklists to help you maximize your storage space and keep everyone’s things stored safely. 

Our Top 5 Favorite Space Saving Techniques

If you’re like most American families, you’re utilizing all of your space in the house, garage and shed. But, most aren’t using it efficiently. That means, there’s probably room for improvement for at least one room in your home.  So, today, we’re tackling space efficiency in your shed. We’ve found 5 space saving techniques that we think are a great … Read More

5 April Maintenance Projects for Spring

Everyone’s been cooped up all winter long and now we’re itching for sunny days and clear skies. Depending on how ambitious your summer renovation plans are, though, getting your home ready can be quite the endeavor.

Spring Home Tips: Gardening, Organization & Family Fun

As Spring begins it’s time for sunshine, new growth and a little hard work around the house. This is our ultimate list of Spring resources for you to have the best garden, the best home and the most fun this Spring!  Plus, never underestimate the power of adding more storage to your backyard. With a portable building you’ll discover room … Read More

You Don’t Have Too Much Stuff

We live in an age where you hear the message of declutter and downsize constantly. And nothing is inherently wrong with that. But, for many of us, it can quickly become discouraging as you glance around your home and feel like there is too much stuff and no time to do a deep purge.

5 Home Improvements to Make with Your Tax Refund

Are you expecting a little bit back from your taxes this year? Great! Take it and invest in your home. It’s tempting to spend it on something fun, so maybe put $50 aside for a nice night out and then spend the rest toward improving your home.

Seasonal Storage Shed Options

Each season has its own storage challenges. You may have an almost empty garage or shed during the Christmas season, but then after the holidays you’re desperate for more space. Or, during Summer you may purchase some new yard tools (or toys!) and discover your space just isn’t large enough for everything.

10 Clever and Inexpensive Ways to Organize Your Shed

Clutter. Clutter everywhere. Sometimes it overtakes your home. Sometimes it leads to a home that isn’t a haven, but a stress filled box. At some point you need to decide what you’re going to do about it before the stress of clutter spills into other areas of your life. The good news is, we can help! For the last 30+ … Read More

Furniture & Storage Options for Your Shed

Add the right storage options to your shed to make your portable building organized and efficient. With a Cook portable building you have the perfect blank slate to begin with! Each of our styles fits different needs. Take a look at our shed styles and see what will be best for your backyard!