4 Ways to Enhance your Home’s Outdoor Space


Who doesn’t love to spend time outdoors during the spring and summer months? So it makes sense that your outdoor space should be as comfortable, warm and inviting as your indoor space.

If this sounds intimidating, trust us you don’t have to build a deck or put in a pool to enjoy your yard. With a few small tweaks, your yard can become an oasis and a place for relaxation and fun!

Pick the right colors

Freshen up your deck or outdoor seating area with a new coat of paint. Choose neutral colors like gray or white for the large items like tables, chairs, stools or umbrellas.

Then, add a pop of color with pillows, cushions, a table runner or placemats in a bright print. Or add a splash of your favorite color inside a drum shade or on the slipcovers for your dining chairs.

Consider the space

When arranging your living and entertaining space outside, think about like staging space inside your home. You want to make it easy for your family and guests to feel comfortable. Create an outdoor gathering space with seating around a central point like a fire pit or freestanding umbrella.

If possible, put the cooking station near the table and chairs so whoever is on the grill can still talk to guests. Having the right seating for your space and a working grill are 2 keys to successful outdoor entertaining.

Even if you don’t plan to do much entertaining, it’s still nice to invest in a small table (in a weather resistant material) to have a place to drink coffee or just decompress after a long day. Keep a couple extra chairs, just in case friends or neighbors decide to pop in!

Keep it cozy

Along with an entertaining space, it’s also nice to have a place to relax outside. Choose a serene corner of the backyard and add a garden hammock, rattan sofa or day bed along with some soft lighting and potted plants. Add an awning or fabric canopy to help protect your family from the sun’s rays.

Remember to invest in weather-resistant furniture and consider the amount of sunlight and shade in certain areas. Don’t get too formal, mix and match with chairs to add some additional charm.

Embrace theme

If you are decorating the outdoor space in a vacation home, think about injecting some of the overall environment into your design. For example, a county home could have vintage wooden pieces and wicker furniture or a beach house could play up the nautical theme with shades of blue.

Consider your location too when selecting the right furniture. Don’t ruin the view at your beach house with big clunky furniture; instead use benches without backs to open up the outdoor space.

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