5 Larger Things to Store in Your Portable Shed

AdobeStock_324362755 - ATVs & Four Wheelers


A portable storage shed is a great place to store items large and small. It provides the extra space for smaller things that could be cluttering up a home, but what about the larger items taking up space in a garage, on a deck or creating an eyesore on the front lawn?

An indoor setting provides the ultimate protection for all of your items. Here are five things you can store in a portable shed that will help your interior space crunch and extend the life of important property.

1) ATVs/Bikes/Trucks 

Whether you prefer two or four wheels, vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and ATVs are a ton of fun. But they also take up a ton of space in a garage.

An interior parking spot protects any vehicle from deterioration due to the elements including sun, wind, sap, pollen and other weather that could distort a paint job. A safe, closed shed will also keep your vehicle from becoming home to critters of all shapes and sizes.

Think about storing accessories, such as gasoline, fluids, oil, helmets and air pumps in labeled containers nearby in case something needs a tune up before you hit the open road. A tarp over them can help keep dust off so they’re always ready to go. 


2) Water Vehicles


AdobeStock_2287069 - Water Ski

If you are more of a water lover, your boat or Jet Ski would be at home inside a portable shed. In the midst of hot summer days, there is nothing better than enjoying a day on the lake with family and friends. Storing your aquatic vehicle inside a building protects it from wear and tear including rain, sun exposure and damage from extreme temperatures.

A trailer to move the boat and other water recreational items such as skis, floats and life jackets could be stored neatly for a quick turnaround from sitting at home to enjoying the water.


3) Lawnmowers and Yard Equipment

Weekends in the spring and summer are often spent beautifying your lawn. Bigger items including lawnmowers and wheelbarrows need to be in tip-top shape and ready at a moment’s notice. Storing these items inside a portable building allows the lucky mower to grab it and get to work in one seamless motion.


Make sure to have fuel, garbage bags and other lawn tools stored nearby. It’s important to fill the fuel tank of a cool engine outdoors before starting. Mowing in the morning and evenings and staying hydrated with lots of water are especially important during the summer months.

Use your storage shed as a focal point in your backyard, landscaping around it as well as your home. Add flowers, an herb garden and other smaller touches to give your neighbors a touch of jealousy. You have beauty and storage in your backyard. 


4) Construction/Workshop Materials

Inside Handyman Shed Workshop

Everyone has at least one home improvement project they are in the middle of or haven’t had time to complete yet. Store items you need but can’t leave outside in the elements, such as lumber, tile, ladders and other building materials, inside a portable shed.

Everything you need to close the book on every project is within your fingertips. See how Chris took a Cook Handyman shed and completely transformed it to become his dream workshop. 


5) Pool Supplies


Pool House-Best Addition to Our House

Summer time brings the need to cool off and one of the best ways to keep cool is with a backyard pool. Store your kiddie pool in your shed or if you’ve got an in-ground or above ground pool, store all of your supplies. Keep necessary items such as chemicals, hoses, pumps and nets in labeled containers.

A new building gives you ample storage space for those sizable things and helps free up valuable room within a home or garage. Not sure which size building you might need? Check out our free fitting guide below!