5 Creative, Space Saving Holiday Storage Tips

The holiday season brings tons of cheer and time to relax with family and friends. But, it’s also an extremely busy time of year with family coming into town, entertaining, hosting meals, buying gifts, and decorating your house in a festive way.

We have all been frustrated when we go to decorate our tree or the exterior of our home and have to search through boxes and boxes of broken ornaments and burned out bulbs.

But, if you spend a little time post-holiday getting your supplies and decorations organized, you will be thankful next year! Get started with this blog on creative ways to organize your holiday stuff!

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And here are 5 more holiday storage tips!Holiday Storage Tips + Cook Portable Warehouses

Place Ornaments in Cartons

Those circular red, green and silver glass ornaments are very breakable. Store them in large egg or apple cartons to keep them safe and secure. These containers are even easy to stack on top of each other to save even more room. 


Label Clear Containers

All those small bells and whistles that make the holidays special like ribbons, bows, gift tags, garland, etc., can get easily lost in the shuffle. If you use clear bins, you can label them according to their contents or store by color for easy access in the future.


Store Lights around Coat Hangers

String lights get easily knotted up when they are put into large trash bags or boxes. To avoid hours and hours of time spent untangling these lights, wrap them around coat hangers to keep them from getting tangled and taking up a ton of space.

Wrap your Christmas Tree Up

If you have a plastic tree that you use year after year, it’s important to keep it in good condition to protect your investment. Wrap the tree with drop cloths or shrink-wrap to allow for storage in the garage or attic to prevent the tree from getting dirty or flattening.


Add a Festive Twist to Holiday Clean Up

Wrap an unused cardboard box with holiday paper and use it to gather used or ripped wrapping and tissue paper on Christmas morning. When you take those Christmas morning photos, it will look much better in the background.

Wrap other boxes or add a specific holiday card to the outside to help identify different boxes in the future.


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