5 Essential Halloween Home Safety Tips


Halloween is one of the best holidays to have some family fun! From dressing up in your favorite costume, to eating all that delicious candy, it’s just a fun time all around!

But, for homeowners it’s important to make sure your home and yard are safe for trick-or-treaters and Halloween party guests.

So here are five important halloween home safety tips! 

Clear a path

Make sure your home, walkways and yard are clear and well lit for all those trick-or-treaters who will be dressed up and looking for candy. Sweep away leaves and debris from your porch, steps, around your front door and any pathways.

Secure any loose railings or uneven stones and remove anything that kids could trip over in the dark like hoses or potted plants. Also, consider your placement of decorations and choose areas in your yard that should have less traffic.

Clean up your yard

This is a great opportunity to do a little (much needed, but often procrastinated) yard work. Rake leaves, remove any dead sticks or branches, trim hedges and bushes and fill in any holes. Remember trick-or-treaters won’t always stick to the path and could take a short cut through your yard.

So, don’t forget to store loose items like gardening tools, potted plants, kids’ sporting equipment, toys, etc. in a safe place. Put these items in your garage or in your high quality Cook shed for safe keeping.

Use smart lighting solutions

Although candles give off that spooky glow from jack-o-lanterns that are synonymous with Halloween, they can create a fire hazard. Prevent the chance for trouble by using LED tea lights, a battery powered light or place the candle in a small dish to protect it if its’ knocked over.

Other creative lighting solutions include stringing up Christmas lights or orange colored string lights to illuminate the path to the door.

Remember to check and make sure all sockets, wires and other connectors are in perfect condition prior to use. If you are concerned there isn’t enough light outside for your Halloween guests, turn on your regular outdoor or porch lights.

Keep pets away

Many indoor and outdoor pets get excited when there are a lot of people around and the doorbell is frequently ringing. Prevent a potential incident, like them running away, by keeping your furry friends in a back room during the most popular trick-or-treating hours.  

Check smoke alarms

If you plan to entertain on Halloween, make sure to check your home’s smoke alarms beforehand. Also, remember to keep any illuminated pumpkins and other open flames away from crate paper and other flammable substances.

Being prepared is the key to having a safe and happy Halloween. And having a proactive approach to your family’s storage needs has long term benefits as well! Learn more about your Cook shed options that will help you have extra space for all of those halloween decorations. 

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