5 Essentials for a Green, Healthy Lawn


We all know there is that one house on your block or in your neighborhood with the greenest, most lush lawn. Everyone who drives by wonders what the key is to that person’s green thumb.

Well don’t be too intimidated because the path to a lawn that makes your neighbors jealous isn’t too difficult. You just need to learn the 5 basics of lawn maintenance and you will be well on your way!

One thing that can make any yard look great despite the time of the year or the gardening talent of the resident is a Cook Portable Warehouse. Our buildings come in a variety of color choices for the siding and the shingles so you can tailor it right to your home and yard decor!

Here are 5 lawn musts so you can have the best looking lawn in your neighborhood!


It’s a good idea to water your lawn (one inch of water) once a week. This of course can change depending on the temperature and how your lawn is faring overall. Make note of how your lawn looks over the days and weeks and adapt accordingly. During the seeding process, water your lawn once a day for about 10-15 minutes.

Watering early in the morning or in the late evening will help keep the gardener cool. It’s also beneficial for the lawn to water it at a consistent time every day. A sprinkler system with a timer is a good investment to help out with this process.


Different types of seeds are required for different landscapes. Things to consider include the climate where you live, how much shade or exposure to sun in certain areas of your yard and how readily available water is.

Do some research online, talk to local gardening professionals or get an opinion from your neighbor with the great looking lawn for tips on the best options.


The rain from springtime and the brutal sun from summer will result in faster growth for your lawn. So it’s important to routinely cut it to keep it looking its best.

However, don’t cut it too short because there are many benefits to having grass that is the right length. The longer the grass means the healthier the roots. It also allows the soil to retain its moisture and remain damp.

Adding Nutrients

To help make your lawn look perfect, test and adjust the nitrogen, phosphorus and pH levels. This will ensure your grass has the richest soil and your lawn will be the greenest on the block.

The more nutrients you supply, the healthier your grass will become. So it’s important to fertilize your lawn with healthy supplements to balance the natural elements and keep those annoying bugs and critters away.


Aerating your lawn means putting tiny holes along the surface that allow nutrients and water to soak into the roots. It should be done twice a year to keep your lawn in the best shape possible.

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