5 Inexpensive DIY Home Decor Projects for Halloween


With Halloween right around the corner, we are getting excited about dressing in a favorite costume, enjoy a themed party, taking the kids trick-or-treating or just eating a little too much candy.

Now that you got all the important safety precautions out of the way (read this post to learn more about 5 areas we recommend checking in your home before Halloween), let’s talk about the fun stuff.

When decorating your house and yard for Halloween, there are tons of store bought decorations out there. But, to save a little money and have some fun family time, use these 5 ideas for low cost, creative do-it-yourself decorations!

Black Cat Pumpkins

Every house on the block is going to have carved pumpkins in the entryway or porch, so why not make you home look more unique?

All you will need is a couple pumpkins (one large for the body, one small for the head and two minis for the paws), black spray paint, black felt for the ears, a cucumber for the tail, two LED lights and other caving supplies.

For the entire tutorial, click here!

Spooky Candle Light Cups

All you will need for this craft project are plastic cups (choose Halloween colors like orange, yellow and green) a black Sharpie marker and some LED tealights. Draw scary faces on the front of the plastic cups, and then turn them upside down on top of the lights.

This is the perfect inexpensive way to light up a porch, stairway or you could even string them together to create a Halloween garland.

For the full tutorial, click here!

Candy Corn Centerpiece

It might be your favorite or least favorite Halloween candy, but candy corn definitely represents the holiday! So why not integrate it into your decor?

Make a beautiful display or centerpiece for your table by using white, orange and yellow spray paint to paint old wine bottle to resemble the candy’s color scheme.

Then, add miniature pumpkins or small glass jars or candle holders with the candy and a tea light and the look is complete.

For more on how to do this craft, click here!

Bat Chandelier

If you want to add a spooky element that isn’t too scary into your home, this bat chandelier is perfect! You’ll need black paint, black cardstock, embroidery hoops in 3 different sizes and quilting tread.

Just paint the hoops black, trace and cut out bats in different shapes and attach everything together with the quilting tread. Lastly, choose the perfect spot to hang your bats!

For the complete process, click here!

Hanging Ghosts

Ghosts are one of those Halloween staples so add a couple to your porch or inside your house. And they are super easy to make, just get Styrofoam balls, white cheesecloth, black craft paint and glue.

Just paint on eyeballs in black paint, glue the balls underneath a piece of cheesecloth and shred the bottom of the cloth. Use a screw in the top to hang from anywhere.

For the full tutorial, click here!

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