5 Key Features of the Best Backyard Shed

Cook Portable Warehouses Best Features

Every backyard is different and every family’s needs for a backyard shed are different. So, the features you need will be slightly different too. But, we’ve been building sheds since 1984 and since then we’ve continued to modify our designs to ensure we’re building the best building, with the best materials at the most affordable cost. 

We’re not offering the cheapest option. But, we do guarantee we’re offering the best value. If you’re curious about our process on building the best shed, you should hear from president and co-founder Greg Cook himself. He says when you ask about features, don’t let the question end there. Ask “What’s the consequence of not having that feature?”

Below, we go through what we think are 5 of the key features of the very best backyard shed you can purchase for your business, your farm or your home. 


  1. Warranties & Guarantees — Yes, you need to make sure your shed has a warranty. Even better, know who you are supposed to call if an issue arises. We manufacture the product, we market the product, we deliver the product and we’ll lease it to you, too. All of that is one phone number: 1-800-772-7883. We’re not contracting out our work, not even our warranty repairs. You can review all of our warranty offerings Our main warranty we feature is our Lifetime Warranty on all treated components against fungal decay and termite damage. 

12x16 Red Lofted Barn

  1. Engineered Solutions to Common Problems – Decades of success and occasionally error has driven us to success in this market because we continue to perfect our designs. Do you know why a drip edge is important to your shed? Do you know why you don’t want to choose a shed that’s rated for above ground instead of ground contact? Do you know why notched floor skids are important to the frame of your building? These are all features we’ve learned the importance of and now provide for all of our shed styles. From the smallest shed to the largest, you’re getting the same quality just in a different size. Answers to those questions can be found in the video below. 



  1. Custom Options — The very first building we sold wasn’t even finished yet. The customer stopped by, was interested and immediately started asking if things were customizable. Our first shed was sold with a custom paint job and roof style. We don’t build our sheds on site but we still provide customizability. As long as the request fits within the realm of one of our roof designs, we can probably make it happen. You can choose from different colors, roof colors, add additional windows, extra doors, etc. 

    Various Building Offerings from Cook Portable Warehouses

  2. Trust — You should trust the company you’re purchasing from. But, more importantly, you should trust the four walls and a roof you’ve chosen to protect your things.

    We’ve found people put high value on their storage. You may have your mom’s antiques or maybe it’s your kid’s old toys you’re not ready to part with, etc. But, your building needs to be secure enough to keep critters and weather from getting in. Check out how we build all of our shed styles here. 

  3. Flexibility — If you can’t purchase a shed outright at the moment, make sure your shed offers you the flexibility you need. Long before COVID came along, we had a rent-to-own policy that allowed customers who were dealing with financial hardship to end their rental agreement and send the shed back with no penalty to their credit.

    Rent-to-Own Options from Cook Portable Warehouses
    With Cook, you don’t have to let storage become a financial burden. You can choose an affordable rent-to-own plan for you and if something happens and you’re unable to keep paying, give us a call and we’ll come pick it up. Then, when you’re ready for another building, give us a call and we’ll bring out another one! Our sheds don’t just provide flexibility for your storage needs, but the payment options we provide allow so many to purchase the shed they need at a price they can afford today. 

There are many features that are important to a long-lasting portable shed. But, for us, these are 5 key features you need to be looking for as you search for your backyard shed. Take a look at all the different options Cook has to offer or find your local dealer.