5 Moments Every Introvert Wished For a Backyard Shed During COVID-19

 Stressed mom working from home

Quarantine. Quarantine. Quarantine. It’s not fun. It’s necessary. And we all wish we had a little more space for ourselves. Can you relate? 

Here are the 5 moments every introvert stuck at home has wished for a backyard shed as we’ve faced COVID-19. 

  • The moment you got the call that school was out, and this time it wasn’t just for a snow day. The kids were a little too excited when they came through the door that afternoon. 


  • The moment the boss wanted to video chat and there was no hiding the pile of laundry on the bed, the screaming, half-naked kid running around the room or your dog peeing on the fern right behind your desk. 


  • The moment when you decided to binge watch your favorite show with your spouse. Sounded like a great idea until they started asking questions and wanting to have deep conversations during the most important scenes. 

    Couple watching TV and talking


  • The moment when you were trying to work next to your kids in the the spare bedroom/makeshift classroom/office/junk room…The kids were crying because they didn’t understand the way you were teaching them how to do math and the broom kept falling in front of your computer screen every time someone breathed (or so it seemed). 


  • The moments when you resorted to slow, long walks to the mailbox or extra bathroom time or even just saying you needed to weed-eat, just so you would have some alone time. 


Staying healthy at home has been a challenge for us all, but for some it can be even more difficult. Ever wished more than now that you had a backyard shed to escape to? 

Handyman Shed

It could be transformed into a home office, far away from the distractions of home life. 

Or, it could become your own little backyard getaway as a man cave or she shed. 

Or, many of us are discovering the need for more time to create. So, maybe it’s finally time to build that hobby shed or workshop you’ve been dreaming of. Check out this transformed Handyman shed! 

Inside Workshop

Or, maybe with all of this time at home to organize and purge, you’ve discovered a shed would make storage so much simpler. 

Whatever your reason, a shed is a great addition to any home. Let’s start building your shed today!



*Not ready? Read more about our shed buying process!