5 Reasons to Choose the Utility Shed

Utility Shed

Cook sheds come in a variety of styles and sizes, but the Utility Shed is one of the most popular options. It’s extremely adaptable with many custom options to choose from.

As you’re searching for the right shed for your needs, here are some things you want to avoid as you make your decision. Understand that buying a shed is more than just looking at the outward appearance. Ask the tough questions and make sure you get answers before purchasing a shed.

Though, expect your Cook dealer to ask some questions as well. They’ll ask your name, why you need a shed and what size you’re thinking. See how this information helps them direct you to the right shed for your needs.

Not sure if the Utility Shed is right for your needs? Here are 5 reasons to choose the Utility Shed.   

  • There’s a size to fit every need.

Inside the Utility Shed

Do you know specifically what will go in your shed? Are you looking for a workshop or just extra storage?

Below is a general idea of what size works best for common purposes.

8 ft. Utility Shed: Store bikes, outdoor equipment, furniture, pool supplies and firewood.

10 ft. Utility Shed: Store motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, or convert it into a hobby space.

12 ft. Utility Shed: Install tall shelving for excess storage, store vehicles or convert to a workshop.


  • It is the most adaptable Cook Shed.

Shed window Options


There are many different custom options you can choose with your Cook Utility Shed. Want to dress up the front? Add additional windows, shutters and flower boxes.  

Need more storage space? Add a loft area for those boxes you only need seasonally.

Add an overhead door for your all-terrain vehicles. Or, want to be able to enter the shed from two entry points? Add an additional door, plus choose the placement of each door.


  • You can choose the shed and shingle colors that will match your home or business best.

shed color choices.png

Even if you find a shed on the lot you love, you can custom order a shed if it’s not the right color or size. You can choose from a variety of siding colors and shingle colors as well. If you have it, bring a sample of your home’s siding with you so you can match colors when you get on the lot.

  • It makes a great workshop or hobby space.   

Workshop in a Shed

Have you been dreaming of a space to work on projects? The Utility portable building is a great wood shed option for that purpose!

This is a blank canvas for you to make it what you need it to be. Add windows to give yourself natural lighting, add a workbench area and shelving to fit your needs. Check out these furniture and storage options for your shed!

  • It comes with a Lifetime Warranty on all treated components.


Cook Portable Warehouses only uses the highest quality treated wood for our portable buildings. The superior value of these treated components (including the floor skids, floor joists, floor decking and siding) allows us to extend a lifetime warranty against structural damage caused by termites or fungal decay on exposed wood components. That’s peace of mind right there!

Do you think the Utility Shed will fit your needs best?

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Not sure the Utility Shed is the right choice?

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