5 Space-Saving Tips for Small and Overflowing Closets


Of all the areas in our homes, closets seem to be the first place we run out of space. While you could knock down a wall and expand, there are much easier ways to gain extra closet space. We’ve listed some of those options below!

  1. Downsize

The first step should be to eliminate things that you no longer wear or us. Some pieces will tend to linger within your closet on the off-chance you may one day have a use for them again. You won’t. It’s time to let go.

Not sure which articles of clothing should be removed? Try the following test! After you’ve worn an item and go to hang it back up in the closet, place the hanger backward. After doing this for a few months, you’ll soon realize which pieces are never worn. Consider selling these items or donating them to charity.

  1. Keep Current

If you’re pressed for space, there’s no sense in keeping your entire year’s wardrobe in there. Stay current by alternating your clothes based on season. Check out these 7 easy steps for doing just that! Remember to keep at least one or two out-of-season outfits available for those unseasonably cool or warm days. 

  1. Arrange Items

It’s easy to carelessly toss items into your closet. What’s not so simple is trying to find that one missing T-shirt when you’re in a rush. Shave time off your daily routine by grouping similar clothes together. For instance, pants go in one area, shirts go in another, and jackets go in yet another.

  1. Use All Available Space

If your closet only contains one wire shelf or metal rod, you’re missing out on storage opportunities. What about all of the space beneath your hanging clothes? Consider adding a roll-away storage container with multiple drawers.

  1. Fold, Fold, Fold

Not everything has to be hung up on hangers. Fold what you can.  Jeans, T-shirts, and other casual items, for example, are usually suitable for folding.


If you find your overflowing closet simply can’t be tamed, it may be time to invest in further storage options. From basic recreational storage to new business locations to guest bedrooms, Cook portable sheds serve a variety of purposes – yes, even a storeroom for excess clothing.

Inside the Slim Shed

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