5 Ways to Organize and Purge your Stuff


So being cooped up inside all winter especially during those no-fun winter storms makes you realize how much clutter has piled up around your home.  And we all know about the tried and true method of getting rid of those unwanted items: the garage sale.

But while it’s still a little too chilly for an outdoor sale, here are some inventive ways to purge that excess stuff. And afterwards if you still have the issue of too much stuff and too little space, think about the smart investment of a Cook Portable Warehouse. It’s the safe, secure and convenient place for all your stuff!

Check out these 5 simple ways to get rid of your extra stuff!

Repurpose what you have

So if other people are finding great new ways to use forgotten or broken items, then you can too. Read this post for more ideas on how to give new life to your used possessions.

For example, an old lunchbox can become a first aid kit or pencil box. An old CD case can become a necklace organizer or a recipe holder. The options are really endless!

Swap or give away clothes

We all tend to hold onto items of clothing especially that expensive suit or dress that are past their expiration date. But this practice just keeps our closets stuffed full and disorganized. For nicer, gently used items try consignment stores like Plato’s Closet. Or try online clothing sharing website like thredUP where you can swap items according to your preferences.

Or donate unwanted professional clothes to organizations like the Women’s Alliance (or a million others) that give them to disadvantage people seeking employment. You can also check with local churches or donate items to Goodwill.

Donate specialty items

Many of those things that you have held onto and are most likely gathering dust can be donated, consigned or just gifted to help those in need. Organizations like GameChanger use funds raised from the sale of items like vintage video games, to financially support families affected by cancer. Or like Sports Gift that gives used sporting equipment to children in need globally.

Talk to art teachers at your kid’s schools and ask what they need. Broken or used crayons, pieces of fabric or wood scraps could be reused in an art class. Or check in with local animal shelters or the humane society to see if they need old blankets or towels.

Use online websites

Free local websites like Craigslist and Facebook sales groups are a great place to sell unwanted household items without paying fees. To increase your chances of the sale, always post items with a good quality picture and include detailed information (like the model, the year, dimensions or sizes and any deficiencies). 

Posting your ad on a Thursday or Friday gives it a better chance of being seen and sold over the weekend. Remember to meet any buyer in a public place or take someone with you as a safety precaution.

Another helpful website is Freecycle which connects people locally who are looking to get rid of stuff without having a yard sale. The platform encourages people to give things away even broken items rather than throwing them away. Your trash could be repurposed and becomes some else’s treasure.

Get creative

Hold a declutter event with your friends or neighbors to help get rid of that extra stuff. Invite people over and swap or just offer those things you don’t want anymore. Make it a monthly or seasonal event! Or make a gift closet for all those unopened items that you can re-gift throughout the year.

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