6 Creative Ways to Hide Gifts this Christmas

After your holiday shopping spree it’s always a struggle to find safe places to hide those gifts you want to keep secret.  

Little curious eyes and ears are always looking for hints to where their presents might be hidden.  So, here’s some creative ideas to keep those surprises unspoiled until Christmas Day.Creative Ways to Hide Gifts this Christmas + Cook Portable Warehouses

Cook Portable Warehouse

Your Cook shed is the perfect place to store those gifts.  With our locking door handle, the kids can’t peek inside!

Plus, with the Lofted Barn option, you can keep gifts and holiday decorations all in the loft.  They’ll stay organized and out of the way until you need them each year.

At Work 

Hiding gifts in your office might be best if your kids or spouse are particularly snoopy.

Lock those presents away in your desk drawer or filing cabinet.

In Discrete Boxes

If you have a baby in the house, hide them in old diaper boxes. The older kids probably will skip looking there.  

Or, if you’re trying to hide something from your husband, hide small items in your feminine hygiene boxes. He’ll probably want to avoid opening those up!

Wrap them Immediately

Even if you don’t have your tree up, you can still wrap them and hide them away in the closet.  If little fingers do find them they’re still left guessing.

Evasive Maneuvers

You may have your presents hidden under your bed, but, throw your kids off the scent by wrapping a couple of fake presents at the top of your closet to be purposely found. They’ll think the hunt is over and you can keep all their gifts secure in their true hiding place.

Or, leave them a few notes to find when they start snooping. Here’s a few examples:

“I better not catch you snooping for presents!”
“Santa can see you! Don’t ruin any Christmas surprises!”
“Your presents are not even in the house, so you might as well stop looking.”
“Nope, not here either…each time I catch you snooping I’ll take one present back.”

Hide them in Scary Places

If your kids are scared of a certain place in your house, hide all their presents there! Such a great idea from Safewise!  The attic or basement closet could make the perfect place for all those presents. 


The best part of the holidays is buying gifts you know others will love.  But, the fun can be shattered when you can no longer surprise them.

With a little extra effort, you’ll keep those presents safe and away from prying eyes and fingers.

If you’re beginning your holiday decorating, download our free decorations checklist and learn more about how a Cook shed can make your holidays a little easier!