6 Family Friendly Springtime Activities


Everyone from adults to kids wants to get out and enjoy warmer weather now that winter has finally ended! And spring is the perfect time to soak up time outside your house before those brutally hot summer temperatures move in.

All those activities and fun plans can impact your family’s budget. But springtime activities don’t have to break your bank balance.

A good money saver is having a secure and convenient place to keep all your family’s springtime sports supplies, equipment, clothing and other necessary stuff. So one of our versatile Cook buildings could be the answer for all of your storage needs!

Here are 6 ideas for creative and inexpensive ways to enjoy the outdoors this spring. And for more springtime ideas, read this fun springtime idea checklist.

Explore local parks

Your local parks are a great and free resource for families. Take a walk and check out the blooming flowers and trees, bird watch or just catch up on your reading with a good book.

Spend hours outside and keep your kids busy with sidewalk chalk, bubbles, outdoor games like Frisbee and catch, fly kites or just play a spirited came of hide and seek! Make a day of it by bringing a picnic basket lunch.

Visit museums

Taking kids on trips to museums can be both fun and educational. Visiting a museum gets everyone out of the house and away from the TV and video game systems. To keep costs down, research free or donation only museums in your area or check to see if others have a designated free day of the week.

Go on a hike

If your family is looking for a little more exercise, spring is the best time to explore different areas and enjoy the outdoors in new and different ways. Hiking is also a great way to teach your children early in life about the importance of a healthy, fit lifestyle.

Make the hike a scavenger hunt to keep kids engaged by having them discover and identify types or plants, trees, flowers and animals.

Grab some wheels

Get those wheeled items like bicycles, scooters, roller blades or skates out of your Cook Shed and go for a ride down the block or in the park. Don’t forget the helmets, kneepads and other safety supplies.

Explore your backyard

A great way to save money and enjoy the outdoors is by using your own backyard. Incorporate your kids into gardening and teach them how to grow their own veggies, build a birdhouse and watch out for guests or just move those messy craft projects outside.

Go to a movie

Not every spring activity has to be outdoors. Sometime after a stressful day at work or school the perfect solution to reduce your stress is a trip to the movie theater. Look into discount movie deals during the early part of the week (Monday and Tuesday).

Or invite some friends over, grab some lawn chairs, snacks and use a projector to screen a movie on the wall of your home or garage.

For more on how a Cook Portable Warehouse could be the place to store all your family’s supplies to make every season fun, download our Dare to Compare checklist by clicking below!