6 Helpful Spring Home Buying Tips


Spring is the time for buyers and sellers to act because of the mild weather and breaks from school. We have also provided tips on our blog for anyone looking to sell their home. So for more on getting your home ready to sell, read this post.

For anyone who is in the market to buy, here are 6 tips to streamline your home shopping process this spring. And don’t forget that a Cook Portable Warehouse is mobile and can be moved without damage to the structure, if your family is moving to a new place.

Find a good agent

Finding the right agent that fits well with your family and understands your needs is essential to house hunting success. If you have a past agent that worked well, use that person. Or ask family members, friends or co-workers for their recommendations.

Interview different agents to find the best fit. Make sure they have the time to commit to your search and your schedules will sync up. Remember that the seller pays commission so the buyer doesn’t normally have to worry about cost.

Do a lot of research

Go online and do research about the neighborhoods or areas you are looking to move in to. There are also a bunch of smart phone apps (Zillow, Trulia or Redfin) that allow for easy home searches according to certain criteria.

Visit different neighborhoods

But there is only so much you can find out online, so visiting the actual neighborhood is also important. Walk around the area, talk to people who currently live there and visit local shops or restaurants. Also, choose different times and days to get a real idea of living there. Drive to and from work to determine your possible commute time.

Move fast

If you find the right house, in the right location, with a price that’s in your budget, you should move quickly. Be ready to make a speedy decision if you have a gut feeling that you found the right home.

Negotiating is always a good buying technique especially if the area is up and coming and there isn’t a ton of demand. But remember in sought after areas, the chances of getting a large discount are small.

Learn to compromise

In more competitive markets, you will most likely have to compromise on the location, features, amenities or condition. Before you start, make a list ranking your family’s needs. Thais will make it easier to make decisions later on what you can live without.

No house will be perfect so try to look at the big picture. If a home is painted a bright color that you don’t like, remember it can be repainted. But don’t ever buy a house that you don’t love!

Understand your limitations

This may seem obvious but don’t buy a home that you can’t afford. Remember the mortgage payments aren’t the only cost of home ownership. There are tons of secondary costs like moving fees, repairs, repainting as well as insurance, taxes, homeowner association’s fees and more.

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