6 Reasons to Build a Barn Shed with Cook

Barn Shed Option

Are you looking into building a barn shed? This shed design can fulfill many different storage needs, from providing you a place to store pool supplies, tools, outdoor furniture, ATVs and more! Plus, this barn style will be an asset to any backyard. It will provide function as well as a fashionable addition to your home or business.  

Cook builds a variety of portable building options. You just have to decide on the style you like best. You can choose to build a Barn, Lofted Barn, a Handyman Shed and more!

So, why should you build a barn shed with Cook? Let’s dive into some of the top reasons:

You’ll have control. 

We all like control, right? When working with Cook, you can choose a premade shed off your local dealer lot, or we can work with you to add the features you really want to a custom built barn shed. What choices do you have?

  • Choose the shingle color or decide on a metal roof.
  • Choose the siding color so it better matches your home.
  • Choose the number of windows, add a door and decide their placement.
  • Add additional style with shutters and flower boxes.


You’ll have confidence in your product.

Each of our sheds is built inside a quality controlled environment. Everyone in the shop is focused on their task of making a great building. Cook workers are constructing as if for their own backyard and families. Our workers take pride in the work we produce.

But, you don’t have to take our word for it, that’s why we have a lifetime warranty to match our claims. Learn more about our warranties here.


You’ll have enough room for your stuff.

Each of our shed styles has a variety of sizes you can choose from. Because our sheds are pre-built for quality control, the widest barn shed you can buy is a 12 foot wide, 16 foot deep shed. This gives you plenty of space for general storage, plus a workshop space, or for storing larger equipment. Here’s an idea of what all you can fit inside a 10’x10’ shed.

Also, with our Rent to Own Program also comes the ability to trade up a size. So, if you order your shed and realize a few months later that it’s just too small, we’ll work with you to get you the size you really need, without losing the money you’ve already invested in your Cook storage solution.

Here are the sizes available for a Cook Barn Shed:

barn shed sizes

You’ll discover it fits your budget.

You don’t have to sacrifice quality just because your credit may not be perfect. With Cook we offer free delivery, with no credit check and a small deposit. With our Rent to Own Program, we’re able to provide just about everyone with the storage solution they need at the price they can afford. Plus, you’re not throwing money away on a storage unit halfway across town.


You’ll enjoy quick delivery so you can start on your yard and storage projects.

We average a 7-10 day delivery for most shed deliveries. If you do decide to custom build your shed, you might be looking at an extra week or so on top of that time frame. But, with Cook you’re not waiting on a contractor to fit you into their schedule or having to search out a friend to help you build it on your own. You’ll quickly see the delivery truck pulling it in, setting it up, leveling it and making sure you’re satisfied with your purchase.  



You’ll always have support through Cook. 

One number. That’s it for all of your Cook needs. It’s a little unheard of these days to have a phone number you can call and actually get a real person on the other line. But, with us, you will!

We take pride in the fact that all of our employees are here to walk you through every step of the process. From purchase, to financing, to delivery, to any unforeseen warranty issues, you’re working with a Cook employee, not a third party. 1-800-772-7883

Are you ready to find the right storage or workshop solution for you? Click below to find your local dealer or to start building your barn today!