6 Ways to Make your Home and Family Greener

Happy Earth Day! It’s important to think about how we can all incorporate small, more environmental-friendly alterations into our everyday lives.6 Ways to Make Your Home & Family Greener + Cook Portable Warehouses

Without changing your lifestyle too much, you can make minor alterations to your daily routine that will help protect the planet for years to come.

Cook Portable Warehouses is a company that cares about the communities our dealers live and work in. Our  pre-owned program ensures that nothing is wasted and our sheds last the test of time with one or many owners.

Don’t forget what you can do with one of our Cook buildings. It can become a recycling center, a greenhouse, or anything else you can dream of!

Here are our 6 ways to make your home and family greener and a little healthier this month! 

Buy green cleaners and chemicals

Stick to cleaners and cleaning products that are plant-based. These will help reduce the amount of pollution in the air and reduce the amount of chemicals your family is exposed to.

Check the ingredients on the labels to ensure you are purchasing the safest products. And, try to keep your kitchen clean (surfaces wiped down and dishes done) to avoid the use of harmful bug sprays whenever possible.


6 Ways to Make Your Home and Family Greener + Cook Portable WarehousesLeave your shoes at the door

Try to get in the habit of taking off your shoes once you enter your home and leave them by the front or back door.

Have a bin or bench to keep shoes out of the way. By doing this small thing, it keeps chemicals, pesticides, and other harmful elements off your floors and other surfaces.


Always donate, never toss your stuff

This one might seem obvious, but it is essential. For every piece of clothing that is donated to thrift stores, charities, or friends in need, the amount of carbon emissions is drastically reduced.

By donating rather than throwing away your garments, it means less waste is produced. You can also list your stuff for free through the non-profit group, The Freecycle Network.


Choose the right pots and pans

Not all cookware is equal according to the positive or negative impact it has on the environment. Select cast iron, enamel coated cast iron, or stainless steel cookware. These are the safest options compared with non-stick pans where the coating can get into your food.


Never microwave plastic

Even some plastic containers that claim to be “microwave safe” can result in harmful components getting into your food when heated. So, when heating up food, always use glass or microwave-safe ceramic dishes.


Upgrade your home’s insulation

A great way to be more earth-friendly and save some much-needed money by reducing your heating and cooling bills is by improving the insulation around your doors and windows.

Adding insulation and fixing leaks in walls, ducts, windows, etc. can upgrade your home’s energy efficiency by 20-30 percent. Inexpensive solutions include draft guards, thermal shades, and caulk.


Use these tips to help make your Earth Day celebration extra special this year! Download our free Cook’s Guide to Green Living below! 


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