7 More Creative Uses for Cook Buildings


We tell customers on a daily basis about how adaptable our portable buildings really are. If you don’t think you need extra space, maybe we can convince you with all the things you can turn your shed into.

A couple of our previous blog posts have explored creative uses for portable buildings, so read 15 great ideas here and 10 more ideas here!

And of course, our sheds are a convenient way to store all that excess clutter that piles up over the years. Having your storage solution right in your backyard instead of off-site in a storage unit will reduce your stress and just make your life easier. Read more in our comparison between a Cook Portable Warehouse and storage units here.

Here are 7 NEW out-of-the-box ideas for your Cook Portable Warehouse!

1. Workshop

If you have a hobby, like woodworking, then you need a place to work on projects without pulling all of your equipment out of the garage to work in the hot sun. A Cook building allows you to create stations, plus add a loft for scrap wood storage. Check out how this customer transformed their shed into the ultimate woodworking workshop! 

Inside Woodworking Workshop

2. Potting Shed

Of course your Cook portable building is a great space to use as a place to keep all your gardening supplies and equipment. Check out our Garden Shed model. It comes complete with a window, flower box and shutters. It’s the perfect place for storing your gardening supplies and even working on a few things out of the hot sun. 

Garden shed flower box

3. Wood Storage

The location of a Cook building, right in the customer’s backyard, makes it the perfect place to store firewood. Then, the chopped wood will be dry and ready to use in your fireplace or wood stove. And who doesn’t love a toasty fire during those cold winter nights.

4. Gift-Wrapping Room

A gift-wrapping room is something we bet every family would love to have during the holidays and year-round. Then, all the wrapping paper, bows, tape, scissors, etc. will be together in one place. No more searching around the house for ribbon to finish wrapping presents!

5. Smoking Area

If anyone in your family or your guests smokes cigarettes or cigars, then a Cook shed can be converted into a smoking cabin. So smoke will stay out of the house but during rainy or cold weather, you can offer an interior option.

6. Recycling Center

Recycling is an important daily task but can be a headache to keep organized. An easy way to clutter up a small kitchen is with multiple bins for recycling different things. So turn your Cook shed into a recycling center and keep your paper, plastic, aluminum and glass sorted and out of the way.

7. Multi-Purpose Room

Instead of making the space work for just one of your family’s needs, why not make it a multi-purpose room as an extension of your home. If you need an extra living space, home office or just a quiet place to relax, you can tailor a Cook building exactly to your family’s needs.

A Cook Portable Warehouse can really be anything else you need. We build your blank canvas so you can create exactly the storage building, workshop, man cave, etc. you’ve been dreaming about.