7 Simple Ways to Decorate your Home for the Holidays

7 Simple Ways to Deck out your Home for the Holidays

It’s officially the holiday season and that means it’s time to decorate your home and yard for Christmas. Some people adorn their homes from roof to floor with twinkling lights, glittering decor and a Christmas tree with plenty of ornaments.

While you’re spending some fun family time, drinking hot chocolate and eating Christmas cookies, we have the ultimate holiday playlist right here.

All those seasonal decorations, supplies, and equipment can take up a ton of room in your home, garage, or attic during the other eleven months of the year. And if your festive decor is overflowing from your home, maybe you should think about a different storage option.

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But decorating your home, apartment, or office doesn’t have to take too much time or expense. Here are seven simple ways to decorate your home with items you are already using to celebrate the holiday!Simple Ways to Deck out Your Home for the Holidays + Cook Portable Warehouses

Ornaments: We all have boxes and boxes of ornaments and not all of them can make it on the Christmas tree. Use some of the ornaments that don’t make it on the tree as a table or napkin decorations for those holiday dinner parties. Check out this centerpiece!

Ribbons: When wrapping gifts, there is always ribbon and twine leftover. Use those scraps of ribbons to decorate inexpensive white pillar candles by attaching with small pins. You can change these out day-to-day or week-to-week.

Wrapped Gifts: Wrapping gifts is another art form and if you are an early shopper, go ahead and wrap the gifts you plan to give out to family and friends. Coordinate gift wrap colors, bows, and ribbons and leave them around on side tables to help get everyone in the holiday mood!

Canisters: Mason jars and other clear containers are something most of us have around the home. Fill them with small ornaments, glitter, or confetti for a festive touch. Group a few together and you have an easy to make, statement-making centerpiece.

Pinecones/Acorns: Head outside and gather pinecones, acorns, and more (you can even make it a fun family-friendly activity to see who can gather the most). Then, add them to a clear bowl or cake stand.

Candy Bar: Who doesn’t love dessert around the holidays? Add some colorful gummies, taffy, or chocolates inside jars of various sizes on a longer table. Then, after dinner let guests fill their own bag with candy.

Holiday Cards: Gather holiday cards and old pictures and create a unique mantel with just twine and clothespins between two vases. You can even add years to the clothespins to create a timeline of holiday memories. Here’s some other ideas for displaying your holiday cards!

Once you are done decorating your home, it’s time to get shopping for gifts. If you decide a Cook portable building is the right present for someone special in your life, we would love to meet your storage needs. And our Lowest Price Guarantee ensures you will always get the best deal during the holiday season or year round.