9 Things to Buy for your Home Before Spring


As the weather gets warmer and winter (finally) begins to turn to spring, we all start thinking about the fun spring and summer months on the horizon. But the end of winter and beginning of a new year is a great time to stock up on things during the off-season that you can make use of throughout the year!

And remember a Cook building is a great deal all year round with extra space for all that holiday clutter, sports equipment, gardening supplies and anything else your family needs to store!

Here are 9 ideas of smart purchases to make before spring really gets into full swing!


Because most exterior home improvement tasks are completed in the warmer months, January and February are great times to get discounts on paint. Just remember to store paint cans in an area that doesn’t get too hot or cold.


Most new carpet is bought before the holidays when opportunities for entertaining are plentiful or during the summer months when remodeling is more common. So this means early in the year is the smart time to think about purchasing new carpet.


Right after the Super Bowl is the perfect time to invest in a new high quality television. The newest models are rolled out during the Consumer Electronics Show in January, so stores are looking to reduce the price on older models!


Many department stores have “white sales” in the late winter to clear out their bedding inventory. Then, the newest colors and patterns come out in spring. So look for discounted winter colors and store in your closet until next year!

Winter Clothing

The end of winter is the perfect time to find all the best sales and stock up on heavy jackets, outwear, boots, etc. for your entire family. Stores are ready to clear out their winter inventory and replace it with lighter springtime clothes. So winter clothes can be reduced by as much as 80 percent.


Most furniture showrooms typically get their new models in late January or early February so they are trying to get rid of the current stockpile. You could save 10-50 percent if you shop smart! And don’t forget about all those great President’s Day sales!


Because of the cold weather, most bikes and motorcycles are gathering dust in storage and not getting out on the open road. So if you have been thinking about a purchase this could the perfect time to hit the sales! New models typically begin rolling out in mid to late January

Winter Sports Equipment

You can find great deals on winter sporting goods like skis and snowboards. With the season winding down, you can save up to 60 percent on those pricey (but fun) items.

Pool/Hot Tub

Prices for warm weather luxury items like pools, spas and hot tubs are lowest during the winter months. An added plus is it gives your yard time to regrow after installation. Especially for large purchases, it’s smart to do your research and compare prices during different months of the year.

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