The Benefits of Renting Your Shed

When searching for the right shed for your home there are a lot of different factors to consider. You want to ensure you’re purchasing quality at a price that fits your budget.

If you decide to choose a Cook portable building you will have many options to ensure you’re able to afford what you need, such as our Rent-to-Own shed program and our trade up options.

If you’re afraid renting your shed isn’t the right choice for your family, consider these benefits before deciding. 

The Benefits of Renting Your Shed + Cook Portable Warehouses

Why Rent a Shed?

  • Fits Your Budget:

Affordable monthly payments make purchasing your shed simple and stress free.

  • Option to Trade-Up or Return:

Easily trade up to a larger unit without losing your investment.  Or, not committed to having it in your backyard? Call us and we’ll retrieve it right away.

  • Tax Deduction:

Businesses can claim their monthly payments as a business expense. This tax deduction actually works in their favor!

  • Protects Your Credit:

If your financial situation takes a turn for the worse, let us know. We’ll come pick up your portable building and your credit will remain untarnished!

  • Easy Path to Ownership:

Can’t buy right now? A portion of your monthly payment serves as a rental fee and the remainder is put toward purchasing your building. You’ll own it in no time!

If you decide to rent, you’ll have a quality built shed that requires little to no maintenance. You can make it your storage shed, workshop or office! There are endless options for what you can do with your Cook Portable Warehouse!

Extra Rent-to-Own Resources: