Buying Vs. Renting a Shed From Cook

Rent or Buy A Shed?

Of course you should buy a shed. That’s a given. Everyone needs room for their stuff and everyone wants a shed to protect their stuff in the long run. We know Cook is the right choice for this, but you can read more here if you’re still not convinced. 

Now, the real question is should you buy with cash or should you rent to own your shed? There’s no right or wrong answer here. It really just depends on your budget and your needs. But, there are some things to consider as you make your decision. 


Buying a Shed: Garden Shed


Pro: You buy it and it’s immediately yours! Once it’s delivered you’re able to modify it, add electricity or add insulation, etc. to create your dream she shed, workshop or office. 


Pro: You don’t have to worry about adding an extra monthly payment to your list of bills. Anytime you can get rid of a bill, it’s a good feeling. 


Con: You may realize a few months down the road that the shed you chose isn’t really what you needed. You wish you had a loft or a garage door or just a shed with a bit more square footage. If you’ve purchased, there’s no going back. 


Con: You just used up your extra savings. So, no extra for vacation or big gifts this holiday season. 

Rent to Own a Shed: 

rent-it_own-it_collagePro: You’re getting the best building on the market but at a price you can afford today. With any Cook shed you choose, you’ll have the same quality and warranties no matter if you buy or rent. This program includes the lifetime warranty on all treated components. 


Pro: You can trade up later. This means if you get your shed and realize it’s not the right size or you really need that loft then you can trade up without losing your investment. You will have peace of mind purchasing knowing you aren’t necessarily locked into this one shed. Time is on your side as you pay off your shed and begin seeing the different ways your shed is being used. 


Pro: You will quickly own it. Or, you can send it back. The rent to own program means you’re not locked into anything. Each payment is split into a rental payment and then paying off your final balance. So, if you decide the shed isn’t right for your backyard or your budget, then you can simply cancel your rent to own agreement.


Pro: You haven’t just drained your savings account to purchase. You are able to keep paying off your shed while planning your weekend getaway or shop for a new car. 


Con: You will have to wait to do any permanent changes to your shed. You may want to add finished walls or electricity, but you will first need to pay off your shed completely. Once you’ve paid off your balance you can modify your shed into an art studio, she shed, man cave, home office and so much more. 


Con: We aren’t going to hide it from you. You will end up paying more with this program. But, remember you’re renting to own. That means you’re able to cancel at any time where as a traditional loan you would still have to pay whether the shed was in your backyard or not. We offer this program with no credit check and no delivery charge. Our goal is to make it easy on families across the nation to get the storage they need at a price that fits their budget. That’s why so many choose this program, even though it does mean they’ll pay more in the end. 


So, whether you decide to save up for your shed or rent to own it, the end result is the same: you’ll have more room for your stuff. More room. Less clutter. Probably less stress. Plus, some room to grow…sounds pretty good doesn’t it? 


Even if you haven’t decided yet, at least get all the information on your favorite shed style. Let’s get started!