Choosing the Right Shed Color Inside and Outside

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When you’re searching for the right shed, there are a lot of different factors to consider. Everyone has a different purpose for their shed and it’s important to plan out your purchase.  


We have some great resources to help you in your decision:

-How to choose the right size shed

-How to choose the right location for your shed

-How to choose the right shed style


But today, let’s talk about how to choose the right shed color for the outside of your shed and for the inside, if you choose to decorate.


Exterior Color

Choosing the Right Exterior Shed Color

One of the great things about Cook sheds is that you have control over your shed color. Even if you find the right style at a Cook lot, you can still have it custom built with the color, windows and doors that you want.  


Cook portable buildings offer many different colors:

  • Grey
  • Tan
  • Brown
  • Cedar
  • Red
  • Green


Here you can choose your shed style and start building it the way you want it!


So, how do you decide which color to choose? Here are tips on making your decision:

  • Go see the shed colors in person! Though you can see them online, due to different screen resolutions, you may not see an extremely accurate color representation. So, visit your local dealer and see them in person.


  • Examine your landscape. See which colors match your current landscape best. Will your shed be near the house? You don’t want the sidings to clash, so pick something that compliments your home. You also might like to have lots of colorful flowers planted near or around your shed, so consider how these will look beside the shed as well.


  • Think about the shingles. You may be focused on the siding color, but with Cook you can also choose your shingle color as well. So, again, think about the big picture. How will this siding color and this shingle look with your home?   


Interior Color


Many Cook customers decide to spruce up the inside of their sheds. Since Cook sheds are extremely versatile, our customers find many creative uses for our portable buildings. Take a look at these ideas!

So, whether you decide to make your Cook shed into a guest house, she shed or man cave, the color you decide for the inside will set the tone of your space. Here are some tips for choosing the right shed interior color:


  • Decide your purpose. What purpose will your shed serve? If you’re needing it just for storage, you may find you don’t need to paint the interior. But, if you’re turning it into a social space or workspace, adding drywall and paint could help you add the finishing touches. So, choose a color that will help you build the atmosphere you’re wanting.


  • Think about lighting. The number of windows and the placement aren’t the only considerations to make when it comes to the light inside your shed. If you want to maximize your natural light, then you should choose bright colors that will reflect light instead of absorb it.


  • Consider functionality. Paint has come a long way in the last few years. You can now have functional paint. For instance, if you make your shed into a gym, you may want to have a chalkboard calendar for your schedule. Or, if you’re creating a kids corner, then you might look into magnetic chalkboard paint so it becomes a learning and play space for them while you work on projects in another area of the shed.


If you’re still trying to decide on the shed style you need, then take our quiz below! At the end it will even give you a color palette that might be perfect for you.