Create a Pool House Out of Your Shed

Working to create your very own pool oasis? Then you need a pool house!

You’ll be able to store your pool items and have a place for family and friends to relax throughout the day and night.

Here are some ways to create a pool house out of your shed.

Create A Pool House Out of Your Shed + Cook Portable Warehouses

Create a private nook.

When you have pool guests, you don’t want everyone to go through your home looking for an empty bedroom or bathroom just to change their clothes. So, provide them a place in your pool house.

This could be as simple as creating a thick privacy curtain for everyone to change behind.

In the same area, think about how you can best keep those wet items hung up to dry.  Towels and bathing suits tend to end up on the floor, so provide an easily accessible place where they are hung or put into a hamper.

Add some texture and color to your space by using an old painted door to hang wet items on.  Be sure this is secured to the wall, so there is no risk of it falling.


Create a storage section for all of your pool items.

Pool floats, toys and equipment can clutter up your poolside and damper your relaxing and fun atmosphere. But, with your Cook shed as your pool house, you can designate places specifically for all of these items.

Try using shelves or plastic drawers to organize everything from sunscreen to goggles has their own designated drawer.

If you don’t want to hang your pool equipment, you could try repurposing a wooden pallet.  Hold toys, floats and equipment all in one easy to access spot. Paint it a bright color or add fun sayings on it to brighten up your space.  

Add pool themed decorations.

Use bright colors throughout the shed with pillows, beach towels ready to use and pool themed wall hangings.

If you’re always having the neighborhood kids over, make a set of pool rules to help keep everyone safe.

Decide on your personal set of rules and paint it yourself. You can even get the kids involved! Doing so will help them remember what the rules are, so they and their friends stay safe while having fun.


Add the comforts of home.

You can add the simple comforts of home like couches and chairs. Everyone needs to stay hydrated by the pool, so add a snack shelf and cooler for drinks.

Having a refrigerator or bathroom added to your pool house can be a great addition to your gatherings…but can be expensive.  

If you decide to do this, remember that electricity can be very dangerous if not installed correctly. Read more about adding electricity to your Cook Portable Warehouse.  

You may want to keep wet feet from traipsing through your home, so adding a bathroom to your pool house will keep everyone outside, and your home clean.

But, realize, doing so will mean you will need to run underground supply and drain lines. This can be costly and, depending on where you have your pool house, unrealistic. Talk with a local plumbing contractor to see what is feasible and what isn’t.

Kids and friends will all love having an extra spot to hang out by the pool. Plus, it keeps some of the clutter of pool toys and equipment out of the way until you need it.

If you’re looking for more Springtime ideas for your home, download our Home Organization Tips below.


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