Creative Backyard DIY Projects for Spring


Nice spring weather means weekends spent outside soaking up the sun, getting some exercise or just having fun, rather than on the couch. Along with spring cleaning and gardening chores, what else do you have planned for your free time this spring?

Well, at Cook we love a good project and we definitely love making space more efficient. These 4 backyard DIY projects will have your yard looking great and are easy to complete over one weekend.

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Create a place for pets

You can create an enclosed space for your pets right in your backyard with just some chicken wire and wood. If your cats or dogs are primarily indoor but enjoy being outside, create an outdoor walkway or play pen for them.

With the growing popularity of urban farming, having a chicken coop right in your backyard could be another option. Here are a couple great examples of homemade chicken coops!

Think of the birds

Who doesn’t love to have feathered friends visiting their backyard? It’s a great way to teach your kids about different species while bird watching. There are a million ways to make your own birdfeeder (check Pinterest!) but some of our favorites are in old dishware, globe lights, mason jars or empty wine bottles.

To make your own bird bath, stack flower pots (paint them fun colors first!), bricks or use candle holders or old lamp bases and then add a bowl on top.

Bring the garden to you

If you don’t have the space or time to maintain a large garden, make your own to grow herbs in a vertical pallet. You can build your own planter boxes or elevated garden bed with wood and place them on your patio or around the front door. Or, paint large box frames bright colors, add a potted plant and hang on your outdoor fence.

Decorate your outdoor space

No one wants to spend a fortune on items that will be left outside. But you can decorate your outdoor space for little to no money. You can paint a cheap rug with latex paint to brighten it up and keep it looking good through every season.

Make outdoor lanterns to provide some light to your nighttime gatherings by painting and hanging up woven baskets or pots. Here is a tutorial of how to do it!

If you really want to use nature to spruce up our outdoor entertaining space gather up large branches and make a nature ladder. Just screw the pieces together and you’re ready to hang plants or decor. This is an easy way to change up your style seasonally.

For more springtime organization and cleaning tips, download our guide below for some of our favorites! And to learn more about Cook sheds, click on our building features.