Creative Portable Shed Purposes

As one of our dealers says, “If you have a 100 customers come through, you’ll have a 100 different ideas.” Our dealers have seen many different uses for a Cook shed, some unique and some more common. But, for each of them, our dealers listen to their plans and help them purchase the shed that will give them the right framework for what they want to do.

The amazing thing about a Cook Portable Warehouse is that these sheds are solidly built and can be used for a variety of purposes as you’ve seen in our past blogs:

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Now, here are even MORE portable shed purposes we’ve discovered due to the creativity and imagination of our customers from across the nation!

-Outdoor Cafe or Sandwich Shop

Sandwich Shop + Cook Portable Warehouses

We have worked with local businesses before to customize the shed they need.  We’ve cut out a large opening to give them a walk-up window to sell their food and drinks through.  If you plan to do this, be sure you have the right permits and follow all local government laws and regulations.

-Hair Salon

Hair Salon out of a Cook Shed

Since Cook sheds provide a solid framework, with the right professionals working with you, you can add amenities to turn your shed into just about anything. Some customers have created a hair salon from theirs. If you plan to do this, be sure you have the right permits and follow all local government laws and regulations. 

-Workshop for Online Store

Workshop for Online Store + Cook Portable Warehouses

One customer actually uses their Cook shed as their workshop for their Etsy store. They create and store items there to sell online. It helps keep their home and work separate. 

-Stationary Storage for Frequent RV Travelers

Storage for Frequent RV Travelers

Retired couples who are looking to travel, usually still have some belongings they want to keep safe, that can’t travel with them.  So, they may purchase a mobile home spot to park their RV when they return, but also to keep their Cook shed and storage secure.

They’ll store the belongings they won’t need out on the road at this home base location.


-Pool/Game Room

 Pool/Game Room from a Cook Shed

One customer customized a shed by putting double doors on either side of the shed.  That way they were able to open up the doors for a nice breeze as they played pool and relaxed with friends. 

-Tack Rooms

Tack Room from Cook Shed

If you have horses and have extra supplies you can’t keep in the barn, a Cook shed is the perfect solution. Some customers have used them as tack rooms to keep their feed, saddles and other horse tack.  

-Retired Man’s Haven (aka Man Cave)

Retired Man

Retired couples can sometimes get a little tired of each other…and that’s OK! So, Cook sheds are a great way to stay occupied without being in the house all day. Some customers have equipped their shed with air conditioning, their favorite recliner and a tv or radio.  

Others have created a workshop for themselves so they can work on their favorite hobby or just finish those honey-do lists.

Again, if you can imagine it, Cook sheds could be the fit you’re looking for to have your dream shed or ___________(fill in the blank).