Creative Welcome Signs (that don’t just say “Welcome”)

She Shed Entrance

One of the fun parts of decorating your home or even your shed, is adding a welcoming entrance. You can add a welcome mat, colorful plants, even paint your door a bright, inviting color.  But, one simple way to greet your guests is by creating a welcome sign.

This sign doesn’t always have to say “welcome,” though. Get creative and let your personality show!


If you’re from the south, then “Hey Y’all!” may be your favorite greeting.  A fun idea is to trace your state onto a canvas or piece of scrap wood, then paint your favorite welcome phrase on top.  In this example, they took the background color and made it a couple of shades darker to add an accent design, so the canvas didn’t look as flat.

Canvas Welcome Sign + Cook Portable Warehouses
Scrap Fencing

Create your sign by bracketing the fencing pieces together, or if it’s a wide piece of fencing you may only need one.  Paint it and add whatever you want to it! Here are some ideas:

-Your family name


-Welcome Home

-Welcome Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall

You could even buy wooden letters to paint and hot glue to the sign. Add a colorful ribbon around the top to match.  

Wooden or Metal Signs

Find a wooden word or your family’s initial at your local craft store that you love? Then paint it a color that will pop off your door or even your siding, depending on where you decide to hang it.  

You can also take a piece of scrap wood to burn in your own message. One of Cook’s Dealers does this for many of his shed customers. See how he makes them here!

Dealer Burns Wood for Shed Welcome Signs

Or, there are many companies now that will create metal monogrammed signs that look very nice for the front yard or door. 


Painted Chalkboard Entrance 

She shed Entrance As you see in Julie’s She Shed, she has her doors open often giving an inviting atmosphere. On one door she has a chalkboard, allowing her to change her welcome message as often as she would like. If you own your shed, you could paint a chalkboard sign onto your shed door or paint a portion of the inside wall to give you more space for artful messaging. See the rest of Julie’s She Shed here. 


Pillar Sign Stand

Instead of just hanging your sign from your door, why not create a special hanger specifically for your sign? This project, by Shanty 2 Chic, costs about $15 and the best part is you could create multiple signs to hang on it!

shanty 2 chic welcome sign hanger.jpg

Here are some additional sign sayings you could use. Think about all the holidays or times of year you celebrate:

-Happy Holidays!

-Come in…if you DARE! (for Halloween of course!)

-Let It Snow!

-Let’s Celebrate! (for a birthday theme)

Add ribbon, twine or other embellishments to make your sign pop on your front porch!


You can also always go with the traditional wreath on the door. If you want to, you can add a small wood plaque that has welcoming words, or even the year your home was established to the top of your wreath for added decoration.

Whether you’re welcoming guests into your home or your portable building turned She Shed, these creative welcome signs will work great. 

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