Don’t Neglect a Walk-Through Before Buying a Shed

Online resources are great for researching and learning about sheds.  But, remember when making a large purchase, you may want to see the products in person before you make your decision.   

Cook’s online tools allow you to take a look inside the sheds, learn the specs and see creative uses for them.

But, one Cook dealer, Frank Fiveash, III, of Atoka, TN says if it’s possible, don’t neglect a walk-through before buying a shed. Here’s his advice:


  • It’s an investment, always know what you’re buying.

Take a tour of the shed to understand the exact features, longevity and quality of materials that constructed the building. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of your dealer. Learn more about the Cook Difference!

  • Your first question shouldn’t be “What’s the cost?”

Sheds come in a variety of styles, types and sizes.  You even have the option to customize them the way you want.  Asking the price only limits you in your possibilities.

Instead, when you visit a Cook lot, get to know the dealer and explain how your shed will be used.  With a little knowledge your dealer can help you find the right fit for your budget. There is even the rent to own program to consider.  

  • Color on the Internet, and color in person are usually different.

You want to see the shingles and siding in the sunlight to really tell if it will match the look you are searching for. Even if you’re customizing, ask if there is a sample of a particular feature on another shed on the lot to see the color in person.

  • Pre-owned sheds may be an option, but inspect them first.

Cook sheds are built to last with quality materials.  But if you look at other brands of pre-owned sheds, they may have a nice picture, but it may not give an accurate account of the shed’s state.

If there is a pre-owned shed, always take a tour inside and ask about any damage the shed may have. You want to ensure the shed you’re buying, even at a discount, will last for your purpose.

Plus, if you see a shed online you want, go and inspect it immediately.  It doesn’t feel to great when you’ve built yourself up to make a purchase of a shed that someone else has already bought.


So don’t procrastinate on making the call to ask questions and visiting the sales lot to inspect the shed yourself. 

Frank Fiveash, III, wants you to know the kind of building you’re buying and believes you can only do that by touring and asking questions.

His goal is when a customer leaves the lot they understand the reason for the price and pride Cook has in their buildings.  “It takes time, quality materials and effort to give you one awesome shed,” Fiveash said. “I want them to have that peace of mind that this is the best shed for them.”

Want to learn more about your shed options? If you’re near Atoka, TN, visit Fiveash at his Cook sheds lot.  Or find a dealer near you.  Download your free buying guide to start researching some of the choices that could fit your needs.