Do’s and Don’ts of Buying a Shed

Lofted Barn with landscaping

Don’t buy that shed!

OK, wait. Buy a Cook shed, but before you do that, there are a few things we need to clear up.

Finding a portable building that will solve all your problems… that’s impossible. We can’t fix your marriage. Though… buying a shed could fix some of your problems. Stop doing your projects in the kitchen floor. Been there. You don’t need the headache.

Moving on. 

Finding a portable building that will solve your storage problems, fit your backyard, your budget and your vision, now that’s possible. But, only if you take your purchase seriously. 

Here’s what we don’t want. You buy a shed. You have it built or delivered. Then, two months down the road you hate it for a number of reasons. It’s already too small. You’re already noticing paint chipping. The space is being invaded by your kids’, grandkids’ and spouse’s stuff. Where did your storage and workshop go?!

We get it. We’ve seen it. But you can avoid becoming that person.



Here we go.   


First, do ask questions. 

Asking questions and buying a shed

Seems simple enough, but many people get a little skittish or don’t know what questions to ask. We can help you with that! 

The main thing is this: ask for more than the price. Price is important! But, it’s not the only factor. Or, it shouldn’t be. Do you go to a car lot and only look at the price? Of course not! You’ve already done your research, you know the body styles you like best, the gas mileage, the probability of a good resale value, the safety ratings (cause your spouse asked), and all the details about the engine. Then, you have even more questions as you test drive your favorite options. 

Buying a shed should mimic this process. We have plenty of resources available to help you get started. Then, when you visit a shed lot, don’t hold back on the questions. Ask them about the construction process, the warranty policies, the delivery process and more.  

You’re not bugging the salesman. If they’re with Cook, then they’re not trying to hide anything from you. They should want to give you ALL the information. Just don’t neglect to ask.



Do inspect construction in person. 

Buying online is great. We have online sales representatives, too, that can help you build a custom shed. But, we don’t recommend ever buying a shed before you’ve seen how they’re constructed in person. 

Cook Door Hinges

Go to your local Cook lot and take a look. You’ll get a better idea of colors, sizes, styles and extra features you might want. You can still buy online, just make sure you’ve seen one in person before you do. That’s all we’re saying.

If you’re visiting a Cook shed lot, then we’re confident you’ll be impressed (sounds like bragging, probably is, but… it’s true). So, take an afternoon to get a closer look at all your options. 



For the love of Pete, don’t choose the first shed you see.

It would be like buying a new car without doing a test drive first. 

No, no, no.

Go to a portable shed lot and explore the different styles. Walk inside them. Touch the siding. Inspect the roofing. Imagine how your lawn mower will look inside.

It’s not about buying the most expensive shed, it’s about buying what you need. There’s no way you can do that when you walk onto a lot, point and say, “that one.” 

It’s probably every salesperson’s dream. But, not really, because a good salesperson will worry you’re not getting the shed you actually need



Your storage needs will always stay the same. BALONEY.

Don’t assume this or you will be disappointed three weeks after your shed is delivered. Your daughter will come home from college, your parents will downsize but need storage space, your wife will continue buying holiday decorations, or your husband will consistently arrive home with new tools.

Your storage needs will change.

It’s a fact. 

So, don’t get stuck with a shed that won’t meet your needs in a few months. There are a few ways to think about this one. You can just buy a larger shed than you need, in anticipation that you’ll eventually need it. Or, you can choose Cook’s rent to own program and trade your shed in for a different size if you find it’s not what you need in a few months. Or, if your property is large enough, you could buy another shed in a few years. Choice is yours. 

Handyman Shed


We do want you to buy a shed. We just don’t want you to buy a shed you don’t need. We do want you to get a quality deal. We just don’t want you to assume a low price will still give you a durable shed (most of the time it won’t). 

So, take the first step; get out there and ask the tough questions. We’re ready for them.



Or, check out our shed styles.