Easy Ways to Organize your Winter Gear


So with spring as close as one page turn on our calendars, we all might have started to dream about those fun things we want to do in the warmer weather. But those spring gardening tasks, family walks around the block and that first motorcycle ride are going to have to wait a little bit longer.

Winter weather can hit anytime and cause issues around our home and when you are trying to get around on a daily basis. Well Cook has you prepared with tons of helpful winter blogs including how to winterize vehicles and equipment, things to put into your winter emergency kit and much, much more!

And here are a couple more helpful ideas on how to organize all that winter gear that tends to pile up right by your front door when everyone comes back from a busy day of school, work or just playing in the snow!


Those big winter boots can clutter up an entryway or living space pretty quickly. But there are a few simple ways to keep them organized and stop the excess water and dirt from messing up your nice clean floors. And remember to wipe down boots and remove salt when you get home to help them last longer and look better.

A small combination bench works as a place to store your boots in an underneath rack and a place to put them on. Add a cloth mat underneath to ensure all the extra water gets soaked up before hitting your floors. Add a couple cute pillows and it looks like just another part of your home’s decor!

Or for a lower cost idea, get a large plastic tray and fill with black river rocks (available at craft or home improvement stores). Then, boots can dry on top without damaging your gorgeous hardwood floors. Or for the more ingenious folks, you can make a homemade rack with scrap wood or thick tree branches and store boots upside down for better drainage.

Hats, mittens, gloves, etc.

For all those things that are only necessary during the bitter cold of winter, think out-of-the-box with your storage ideas. Going vertical in your entryway is a great way to save space. Invest in an over-the-door shoe organizer to hold all small winter accessories that get lost too easily. A clear organizer will allow everyone to see items and help keep pairs together.

Or use larger cans as storage cubbies by your front or back door. Just clean them out, remove any labels with hot water and rubbing alcohol and then mount to a wooden board.

This is the perfect place for scarves, hats and much more! You can also assign each family member one can and let them personalize it! Storage bins or baskets work the same way if you have room for floor storage.

Winter equipment

Organize your long-handed tools that come in handy during a snow storm so they are easy to access. Use a tool rack (or build one) for snow shovels, ice scrapers and more. Then, you won’t go digging through the back of your shed or garage for the tool you need.

Make those winter supplies look a little nicer with just a few easy tweaks. For example, put your de-icing salts right outside the front door in a stainless or galvanized steel bucket with a large metal scoop and colorful ribbon to make it blend right in!

When winter finally (yay!) ends, you will need a nearby place to store all those winter supplies until next season. Think about a Cook Portable Warehouse, which can be delivered right to your backyard completely constructed. Our 6 building options ensure that every customer gets a shed that fits their needs. Learn more by downloading our Free Fitting Guide below!