Turn a Cook Shed into a Dock Shed

Dock Storage Shed Ideas

Weekends at the lake are a great time with friends and family. Whether you love to go boating, swimming, or fishing, these activities are best done at the lake. So don’t let those weekends turn into messy clutter. Keep organized and clutter-free with a dock storage shed from Cook Portable Warehouses.

We offer 8 shed styles to fit your specific need at the lake. Whether you need extra storage for the house, the dock or both, a Cook shed is your answer.

Here is how you can fix up your dock storage shed and get organized this summer:

Store Lawn Equipment and Tools

Having a house on or near the lake takes a lot of hard work, which means a lot of tools and lawn equipment. From your lawn mower to your drill, a Cook shed is the perfect place to store these items. Shelving and hooks are a great addition for optimizing space while storing these items.  

Hang Life Jackets

Life Jackets Hanging

Are you tired of tripping over life jackets left on the dock floor? A Cook shed is the perfect place to keep life jackets out of way. If you need them dry, hang hooks on the outside of the shed. Once they are dry, hang them on hooks on the inside. Another option for hanging life jackets in your shed is with a rope. Install a rope from the front to the back of the inside of your shed roof and suspend life jackets on the rope to save storage room on the walls.

Keep Fishing Poles Untangled

If you own more than one fishing pole you know the struggle of getting the lines tangled together. It takes forever to untangle them and sometimes you have to cut the lines. An easy way to avoid this and keep them tangle-free is with a pool noodle and a PVC pipe. Follow the steps from The Family Handyman to create an easy fishing pole organizer. This organizer will fit perfectly in your Cook shed.

Keep Kayaks and Paddle Boards Safe


Cook sheds are a great space to keep your kayaks secure and safe when you’re gone. Many people keep their kayaks out in the open and are at risk of being stolen or damaged from severe weather. With a Cook shed, you ensure your kayak will be kept safe in a locked, weather-safe shed. Kayak hooks like these from Amazon are a great way to hang your kayak in your shed. Keep oars and paddles inside the kayaks to make sure you never lose them, plus it saves space!

Here are more ideas for keeping your sporting and outdoor equipment organized in your shed! 

Store Tubes, Skis and Wakeboards

The lake isn’t complete without the fun of tubing, skiing or wakeboarding. Many people store these items in their boat when they’re not being used, but a better option would be in a Cook portable building. Like the kayak, hang hooks to hang your skis and wakeboard. If you keep your tubes inflated, stack them upright instead of laying flat to optimize the space inside the shed. A shed is also a great place to store ski ropes so they don’t get tangled in knots.

Keep creating those fun memories at the lake! A Cook shed can make those memories even better by keeping your weekends at the lake organized and mess-free.  

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