Frequently Asked Questions About Storage Sheds

Inside a Lofted Garage

Are you tired of looking for an empty spot in your house or garage to fit one more box of storage? It’s a common dilemma for many homeowners these days, but thankfully it has a simple and affordable fix.

A storage shed from Cook can be used for storage, as an extra garage or even a hobby space. Below are some frequently asked questions about storage sheds. But, if you have more questions or just want to chat about your shed possibilities, give our Illinois home office a call or find your local shed dealer.


Which storage sheds are best?

This question is twofold. First, the best storage sheds are those that are a long-term investment. You don’t want to finance a shed that’s only going to last until your last payment is paid in full. Find a shed that’s as reliable as your home.

With Cook Portable Warehouses, we build our sheds to last and have the warranties to back up our claim. Our sheds are made with an engineered wood, a wood product called LP SmartSide®. This is not fake wood or particle board. This is a wood based product, made with treated wood strand technology. This is simply wood that’s engineered to perform better! Why do we use this type of siding? Because it resists termites, warping and fungal decay/rot. You can read more about LP Smartside® here.

The second part of this answer is this: The best storage shed is the one that fits YOUR needs. Do you need more storage for holiday decorations, kid’s stuff you’re just not ready to part with or for those boxes that won’t fit in the garage anymore? Then, you might look at getting a lofted shed so you’re maximizing your head and floor space. Are you wanting a hobby space but also need a little storage space? Then, you might tour the Handyman shed since it’s basically two sheds in one. You can always find a cheap shed somewhere, but you need to find a shed that fits your needs and budget. Cook portable buildings has done that for tens of thousands of customers since 1984.



Will a storage shed increase property value?

It’s possible! Storage space is one of the top things home buyers look for. With a well kept, durable storage shed already in place, home buyers will get excited dreaming about how they can convert it into the space they need. Read more about this here!

Can Cook build a shed on site?

All Cook sheds are built in a quality controlled environment. Building on site is generally more expensive, can face weather delays and encounter other challenges along the way. With Cook, your building is built, inspected and delivered by Cook professionals. Our delivery drivers are trained to get your shed in the spot you’re wanting it. We even provide free site checks to ensure our shed can be delivered and set up where you’re needing it.

What foundation does a shed need?

This depends on who builds your shed. With many shed companies you need to have a concrete slab to build your shed on. But, with Cook, our sheds are rated for ground contact. If you prefer the look of a concrete slab, that’s fine. If you have a level spot in your backyard and want your shed to be set up there, then that’s fine too.

What are the warranties on your sheds?

All of our sheds come with the same warranties. As you search for a shed, you want to not only ask about warranties, but also consider how long a company has been in business. If the shed company has only been in business for a year and offers a lifetime warranty…you might need to consider how solid that warranty really is. With Cook, we’ve been providing customers with “room for their stuff” since 1984.

Also, ask your dealer who you will be contacting if there is a warranty issue. Many portable building companies will pass their warranty services off to a third party. With Cook, you will only work with a Cook representative, for both your claim and your repairs.

  • Lifetime Warranty on all treated components:

Cook Portable Warehouses uses the highest quality treated wood for our buildings. The superior value of these treated components (including the floor skids, floor joists, floor decking and siding) allows us to extend a lifetime warranty against structural damage caused by termites or fungal decay on all exposed wood components. So, if any of these components of your Cook shed are damaged by termites or fungal decay, we will repair or replace the damaged parts for free.


  • 5-Year Labor and Materials Warranty:

Every new and pre-owned Cook Portable Warehouse comes with a 5-year labor and materials warranty. This covers defects in workmanship and materials during the first five years of ownership. Normal wear and tear and acts of God are not included under this warranty.

  • 50-Year Siding Manufacturer’s Warranty:

Our buildings feature Cook’s exclusive 19/32″ shallow groove LP SmartSide®  siding. Because of the unique treatment process, this product carries a 50-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

  • 30-Year Shingle Manufacturer’s Warranty:

All shingles used on Cook buildings are grade “A” shingles and carry a 30-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.


What do I need to do before my shed is delivered?

To ensure your shed is delivered on time and without complications, there are a few steps you should take.

  • Double check your local ordinances.

  • Ensure you meet clearance requirements for the shed style and size you chose.

  • Have property owners sign a release form if a Cook delivery driver will have to cross another person’s property line to set up your portable building.

  • Leveling the delivery spot or pouring a concrete slab, if desired.

Read more specifics on what you should do before delivery day.

How much are storage sheds to rent?


Our rent to own program makes it very affordable for any family or individual to purchase the shed they need. With no credit check and a small deposit, you can begin renting the shed you need while each payment also goes toward paying your shed off in full.

Benefits of rent to own:

  • No credit check.

  • Small deposit for delivery.

  • Trade up option if the shed you purchased is too small.

  • You’ll OWN your shed in the end.

If you found a shed style you like, then contact us and we can discuss the best rent to own agreement for you!

Do I need good credit to rent a storage shed?

To purchase a Cook portable shed, we will not check your credit. With a small deposit you can have your shed delivered.

Where do you buy storage sheds?

There are two ways you can purchase a Cook storage shed.

  1. Contact our Illinois home office directly to discuss your rent to own and custom shed options. We have staff ready to talk you through the process and help you find the building you need at the price that’s right for your budget. Call 1-800-772-7883 or fill out a “Build Your Shed” form on your favorite shed style.

  2. Find your local dealer! You can tour different shed styles in person and take a look at specific siding colors, shingle colors and door options available. Your dealer will work with you to find the shed you’ve been looking for or help you customize the style you like best. Be sure to ask about our rent to own option if you’re working on a tight budget.

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