How a Shed Benefits Your Small Business


In today’s remote business world, more and more people are able to manage and fulfill their business dreams right at home. But as such, it also means it can sometimes be harder to find boundaries for work and home. You’re dealing with your needs, customer needs, your employees/coworkers’ needs, your family’s needs, etc. Our advice?  

Take a moment to consider what your business needs and also what you need. A shed might be the right fit to help you achieve something for both. 

You most likely need a place to do one or all of the following: 

  • Plan 
  • Store
  • Create 
  • Ship 
  • Relax/Think

Here’s what a shed can do for your small business: 

  • Secure your extra products or supplies. 
  • Provide additional workshop space to create or ship products. 
  • Give you office space. This could be setting up your office in the shed, or maybe it’s giving you additional storage so you finally have space for an office inside your business or shop. 
  • Provide an oasis away from work. Especially if your home is your business space, make sure you have a room where work doesn’t touch it. This could mean you move more of your business to the portable building/shed or it could mean your shed becomes your oasis. Either way, you need space away from work, so don’t neglect this.  

Which shed styles work best for businesses? Here are a few examples of transformation our customers have created from their Cook shed: 

  • Cabin style: 

This cabin style was actually turned into a food pantry that provides low cost food and general necessities for their community. Take a look.



  • Utility Shed:

This is our most versatile shed style which means you can add windows, flower boxes and even a loft if you’d prefer. The key here is that it’s truly a blank canvas so you can create the office or small shop that fits your purpose and needs. Take a look at this shed-turned-office here. 



  • Handyman Shed: 

Chris of Calming Creek Woodworks wanted a place to do what he loved: woodworking. He carefully designed the inside of his Cook Handyman shed, making adjustments and requesting custom features to ensure it became the efficient, well-lit space he’d been dreaming about. Take a tour of the inside of his shed here.



Keep in mind, there are shed options that do not work well as a backyard office or workspace. That’s why it’s important to avoid these mistakes as you look for the right fit for your business. Plus, check out these tips on turning your shed into an office here.  

Note A: There are side effects (positive ones) that you may (ok, probably will) experience after purchasing a Cook shed for your business. Learn more here. 

Note B: Make sure you’re following all state and local guidelines for businesses, including permits and taxes.