How a Shed Can Simplify The Moving Process



You’ve bought the home and you’re working on getting everything packed up and ready to go. Boxes are being labeled, the moving truck has been ordered and you’re just trying to get it all organized before they arrive.

But, have you thought through how moving day will look? Not just how you’ll get everything in the truck, but how everything will be delivered once the truck lands at your new home? 

A backyard portable building can really shine on move-in day. If your new home doesn’t already have one, we recommend considering adding a Slim Shed or Utility Shed. 

The Slim Shed is our smallest shed that fits neatly up against your home. It almost looks like a small extension! It’s the perfect size for storing smaller yard equipment and everyday home storage.



The Utility Shed is our most versatile building, having custom options like adding windows, extra doors and flower boxes. If you’re needing extra vertical space, you can even consider adding a loft to this style. Adding a Utility shed means you have room for your lawn mower, gardening tools, woodworking tools, holiday decorations and so much more. 

cook utility shed


To ease the stress of move-in day, our recommendation is to actually purchase and set up your portable building first. 

But, even if that doesn’t fit into your timeline, you’ll still be thankful you have the extra storage space as you begin to get each room settled.


How does a shed help with moving? Let’s explore this idea: 

  • It keeps equipment safe and dry from the beginning. Bringing your lawn mower with you? Do you have other tools and lawn equipment that need a new home too? A portable building keeps them out of the elements from day one. Even a short time in the hot sun or in rainy weather can do damage to your equipment.  Easily avoid damage, stains and rust by installing a portable building. 


  • Stay decluttered and keep your sanity during the most cluttered time of a home’s life. It can sometimes take months, if not years to go through all of your boxes and find a permanent home for every item. Wouldn’t it be better to have those extra boxes out of sight while you make decisions? Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about ALL of your boxes, but just the most important ones to start living in your home comfortably? A portable shed gives you easy access that you won’t find with a storage unit. 


  • If you’re able to have it delivered before moving day, decide what will permanently stay in the shed and organize your boxes accordingly. This way, you’re not shuffling boxes all the time. The permanent shed boxes go in first, organized, and then the home boxes go in for temporary storage. 

Still not sure it’s a worthy investment? Check out this article on the value of adding a storage shed to your home. If you’re not sure what to do next, here are four things to add to your to-do list before purchasing your shed: 


  1. Check on what local permits you’ll need as these vary by city and state. 
  2. Ask the important questions. Be sure to ask about how the sheds are built, who will be delivering the shed and ask who will service any warranties they offer. 
  3. Compare different shed brands and styles. Check other brands against our Dare to Compare Checklist. 
  4. Decide on and prepare your location. Make sure the delivery team has plenty of room to install your shed safely. You can read about our delivery process here. 

Now, you need to get back to packing up the house! We’re here when you’re ready to tour your new home’s addition!