How to Create the Perfect She Shed for you


We have all heard of man caves. They are that space inside a home, garage or shed that is reserved for men to gather, have fun or just relax after a long day or week at work. Read more on how to create the ultimate man cave for your backyard shed in this post!

But shouldn’t there also be a space for women to call their own? Well that time is now, thanks to the growing trend of She Sheds. And a Cook shed is the perfect place to create your very own She Shed and tailor it to your specific needs and wants.

Learn more about the growing She Shed trend and how to create your very own from your Cook building! There are no rules, just make it the best She Shed for you!

Add a fresh coat of paint

Nothing brightens up a space (for a relatively low cost) like a fresh coat of paint. The color should be one you enjoy and that reflexes the overall goals for the space. For example, a light blue or yellow can cool down and open up the space. If you are looking to add a bright touch, try that shade on one wall first.

Get comfortable

Your She Shed should be the space where you feel pampered and peaceful. So make sure the decor and furniture you select are cozy and comfortable. She Sheds are more about comfort that about functionality so grab those overstuffed pillows, a hammock or day bed, to add to your space.

Decorate to match your taste

This She Shed is all about you so decorate it in your aesthetic. You don’t have to worry about matching the rest of your home’s decor or hearing any complaints about it beings too girly!

If your budge is tight, check yard/estate sales, flea markets and antique shops for inexpensive and unique finds. Remember most any piece of furniture can be repurposed into something else. Don’t forget those extra touches like curtains, rugs, lamps and shelving.

Don’t forget the outside

Because your shed is in your yard, it should feel like an extension of your outdoor space. A fun way to do this and build a tranquil vibe is with floral prints on pillows or stenciled on the wall. Also, adding small potted plants to the space will give it more life. Just remember to select plants that require little work and can live in a variety of temperatures.

Decorate your outside space too with flowers (the Cook Garden Shed comes with a cute flower box) or some hanging lights or lanterns.

Ideas for She Sheds

  • Relaxation Space- Make this a place for you to escape the daily grind of work and family obligations and just enjoy some space. A sofa or comfortable chair, reading material, stereo to play serene music and anything else that will help you relax!
  • Hobby Space– Whatever your hobby is from gardening, to crafting, to quilting, to anything else, this could be the space to do that and keep all the stuff you need organized.
  • Entertaining Space– Your She Shed can also be a great place to entertain friends, family members and neighbors.  Add a table and chairs, cooler, card table and anything else that you love to do with your friends. Bring the party to your new She Shed!

For more examples of She Sheds on Pinterest, click here! And for more ways to convert your Cook Portable Warehouse into something else, download our free Conversion Guide below!